Продуктова фотография на техника

Product photography of equipment

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In recent years we have seen a rapid and ubiquitous change in the production of household appliances, tools, machinery and equipment for the home and garden. They are becoming more technological, detailed and integrated into our daily lives. This is one of those rare markets that is showing a trend towards ever-increasing growth.

Of course, such a change requires a reorganization in the way of supply in the sector. In addition, there is a significant transformation in the culture of consumption – people, in turn, are becoming more inclined to buy online.

According to statistics, household appliances and household appliances – air conditioners, boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, induction cookers, juicers, bakeries, etc. are one of the most prominent categories of products sold online.

That is why visual communication is becoming increasingly important. The presentation of appliances and equipment through high quality product images is a must.

How is product photography of equipment realized?

First you need to think about what will be the purpose of each image and then where it will be presented – catalog, website, social media, advertising. This will make it much easier to design the product frame, so that every detail of your concept corresponds to the product design, needs and expectations of the customers.

In order to keep the viewer’s attention, however, you will need more than a composition according to the rule of thirds.

What is important to know about the ways of shooting product shots of equipment?

To build your work strategy you need to first consider the main topic. Of course, it will depend on the functionality and application of the respective technique that you will be shooting. Then you can plan a suitable scene. To be sure of the potential of your work, you can take several shots that could be combined later:

White or solid color background

In this case, your main goal is to make the appliance stand out. This type of footage is suitable for presenting the product in online store and e-commerce platforms. Shoot the product from different positions to show a variety of points of view. One such frame is also used when creating the packaging design.

Product photography of equipment


Always offer high-resolution images. This will certainly provide an advantage online, because the customer will have the ability to enlarge the frame, which is a kind of sign of quality.

Detailed product shots

Product photography of equipment

Be sure not to miss important product features and extrasbuttons, grinding knives, fans, measuring jugs, lids, handles, functional drawers, shelves for refrigerators and stoves, oven and tool safety buttons, indicator lights and so called

Product photography of equipment

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Product photography of equipment

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Product photography of equipment

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Usually appliances and household appliances are available in several varieties and colors. They are complemented with accessories. Introducing the entire collection of tools will help add interest to your product shots and intrigue users.

Product photography of equipment

Product photography of equipment

Photo: https://www.johnhartleystylist.com

360-degree view

If you want to be up-to-date in the world of product photography and show the product on another level, it is mandatory to add engaging interactive 360-degree frames of equipment, as well as videos. This will certainly meet many consumer expectations.


The presentation of machinery, all kinds of appliances and equipment, through product staff with their application is perhaps one of the key factors for success in the realization of future sales. For this purpose it is necessary to transfer the attention of the clients in a suitable setting, where just one look is enough to highlight the main idea that will stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

The user’s idea of ​​using the product and the belief that it is right for him are enough for him to ask for what you have taken.

Product photography of equipment

Photo: https://www.johnhartleystylist.com

Product photography of equipment

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You can shoot most of the product images of equipment in a studio, where the ability to use controlled lighting will be an advantage. However, one of the challenges you may face is the size of the product.

Fortunately, today we find inexhaustible accessories and techniques to alleviate the difficulties that arise. Both portable photographic equipment and photo tents are available for larger objects.

Still, product photography can be a test. The combination of translucent, glossy, metallic materials and chrome surfaces, is not at all convenient for shooting. If we add the complex shapes of most of the devices and tools, a photo session becomes even more difficult.

In addition to all the technical knowledge you will need, creativity, artistic thinking and creative approach. Consider introducing elements such as guide lines, layers, symmetry, and even color.

Light can also be a hindrance, and it plays a major role in dramatizing the subject. Therefore, working with light sources and properly targeting the product will make colors stand out, textures come to life, complex shapes are emphasized, and different body materials are revealed.

The decision to choose suitable backgrounds and combine the main product with the appropriate accessories is dominant.

Product photography of equipment

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Any discrepancy can be a future failure. Modern trends and concepts for the realization of product photography technique are aimed at monochrome backgrounds, solid colors.

Stainless steel surfaces are combined with a suitable background in gray and stone panels. Materials such as wood, stone and metal have the power to emphasize some essential characteristics of the products. A proper visual atmosphere will certainly create the ideal conditions for telling a story.

Product photography of equipment

What do big brands do and how do they succeed?

To encourage the launch of a new range of kitchen appliances, the multinational electronics corporation, Panasonic is launching a series of dynamic and brand-focused lifestyle images.

Especially for this purpose are created trendy rooms, tailored to the taste of the target audience of the brand, beautifully designed with additional props and nice lighting, which leads to ambitious visual effects of the entire collection. The product photos were used by both Panasonic UK and the House of Fraser online store to entice customers to make a successful purchase.

Product photography of equipment

Photo: Panasonic

What tricks does PhotoPro use?

For professional photographers, having a strong concept is always key to creating a great image. Very often we can see how professionals whip up the product staff, break the statics, demonstrating electrical appliances and technology in action. This is a typical style of work, especially if the project is advertising or for a big brand.

Some of them are accustomed to first sketch a diagram to visualize their idea. This helps them see exactly where to place their items. At what angle will they be able to make the strong characteristics of the product stand out and determine in which direction it will be most appropriate to direct the lighting.

Of course, one of FotoPro’s tricks is to arrange the focus, which manages to control the depth of field in a way that is not usually possible.