What is product photography?

In the conditions of dynamic penetration of digitalization and new technologies, in our everyday life, the future of society and business is changing, moving to a virtual level.  On the one hand, this imposes the need of a quick and adequate reorientation of trade to the online space, where a large number of consumers are already positioned.

On the other hand, the pace of development of the e-commerce, virtual services and digital marketing leads to an inevitable transformation of the standard approaches used in advertisement so far.

According to a study published in Facebook in February 2019, 83% of the Instagram users say that the platform helps them find new products and services.

Online trade is already an industry. Online presence is a competitive advantage.

According to data of NSI for the past year, over 75 percent of the shoppers made their purchases online, as they have bought clothes and sports goods online, about 30% bought household goods (furniture, toys, etc.), approximately 20% bought tourist trips, and 15 % bought tickets for various events, and so on.

What is the first thing you will do if you need a specific product or service? You will search on the Internet.

As a result of your search, sites and online stores will appear.

What would attract your attention? Most of you will agree that it is extremely important to be able to see what a product looks like. In other words, determining factor will be the presence of close-up images that highlight important details. You rely on these images to get an idea of what you would buy.

In this sense, even the best quality product can not sell itself. It needs the perfect photo that focuses on its advantages.

Through the detailed photos, online shopping sites make it easy for users to see the product closely, from all possible angles and to get to know its functions. They are that factual link that will make the user to click on the „Buy“button. The lack of such will disappoint and alienate them.

Respectively, in order to be more successful on the internet and more tempting among online consumers, the e-shops and web brands have to be impressive. One of the first steps is to build an attractive and creative strategy of their presence in the virtual space. The main and most effective tool in this direction is product photography.

 What is the product photography?

Product photography is a genre in photography. It is a modern profitable solution in advertising and marketing for presenting and promoting products or services.

Depending on the objects to be captured, we distinguish the following styles – lifestyle photography, culinary photography, architectural, interior, exterior, photography of gewelry, clothes, fashion that includes professional photo session with models, stock photography, and so on. Product photography is used in the design of web product sites and online shops.  It is also used in the display and remarketing campaigns of the companies operating in the oniline space, in electronic publications, blogs, by the advertising agencies, and in recent years also for resourceful business presentation in social networks.

Product photography is an important part of the online identity of a brand, but it is usually used to advertise in offline format, print, magazines, catalogues, menu, billboard, etc.

Why photos are so important?

The essence of product photography is to attract attention.

The attention of the end user.

In fact, the success of product photography lies in the creation of emotion.

Online stores are gaining popularity among the public. Their advantages are more than obvious. They are accessible at any time and from everywhere. It is enough to have a good internet connection.

In online trade, the potential buyer has no real contact with the good. And right here, the product photography comes to help. For this purpose, the main task of the photographer is to present the essence of the product in the most realistic way, with all the key details and, most importantly, to succeed.

The lack of physical contact with the product should be replaced with a perfect visual presentation.

 Or as the notorious photographer Ansel Adams said:

“The real picture does not need to be explained, nor it can be dressed in words.”

The perfect motto to follow when performing the difficult task of excite the future user with just one photo.

For a high-quality product image, it’s a must, first of all, to choose the right strategy to demonstrate each object and exciting ways to engage the senses.

Keep in mind that strong product photography is key to building trust in future consumer.

It all starts with an idea. Product photography has the power to transform the idea into reality.

 This is achievable with the proper equipment, suitable conditions, enough desire and creativity.

There are a lot of options for a product to be shot. In this regard, we distinguish two main ways of capturing products.

Studio product photography and product photography in a real environment.

 In the studio photography, we rely on a professional.

Typically, the studios have a variety of lighting equipment, various backgrounds, professional devices, including the suitable cameras and the respective lens and filters to them, as well as additional lighting controls.

We rely entirely on the photographer – creator, who in most cases is the key to success in building a brand or presenting a new product.

Of course, if you are just entering the field of online trade or your budget is limited, you can not afford a professional photographer.

If you rely on yourself, you need to following approach:

  1. Build a vision on how you will present your product.
  2. Choose a background that will highlight the distinctive features of the product and its functionalities. Usually, white background is used in e-commerce, but there are no limitations, so experiments and imagination are allowed.
  3. Equip yourself with a camera – DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone and tripod.

The images should be clear, in focus and with the right resolution.

  1. Explore shooting techniques and tricks.
  2. Explore programs and ways to process and edit the photos.

And do not forget that your photos are the potential of your own success.

Product photography in a real environment is gaining popularity, thanks to developing social networks and platforms that need appropriate and quality images. Product photography in a real environment applies when the object is to be displayed in its natural environment, to demonstrate its application, specific features, varieties and collections. A variety of features and settings are used. The main purpose here is for the photos to awaken the imagination, showing people how their lives can be improved if they have this product and what would be the benefits for them in everyday life.

To capture this type of images, you can choose a place outside or you can add some additional accessories to create the right atmosphere, for example, you can include a model. It is important to give people a fuller experience and your photo to tell a story. And the main character in this story should be the product.

The key word in digital marketing is authenticity.

 You must be different, unique and original. You have to present your own vision. Product photography is your map to success. And the golden key for the opportunity to turn something regular into something perfect lies in the answer to the question:

„How to make the buyer trust in you?“

After all, if a user was satisfied and happy with the purchase of your product, he would be willing to share the photo and his emotions online. Then other potential customers can also think that this product will be valuable and useful to them.

Therefore, if you want to stand out among competitors, high-quality product photography is a must.