Продуктови снимки на часовници

Photo: xgoldjewelery.com   When it comes to creative product photography, perhaps some of the most inspiring subjects for photography are clocks. An abundance of details and different materials make the photographer’s creative consciousness work at a rapid pace, looking for exciting effects and accents to grab the audience.   And really. In the online space, we find great footage that we can look at for hours while we’re not really interested in watches at all. But one thing is for sure, the images are endlessly compelling.   If we take a closer look at the variety of product shots of watches, it seems that cadresmore bg btnmore en btn

Как се създава каталожна фотография?

Photo: https://www.alfaera.com   Often, each of us searches the catalogs of the large grocery chains or those with machines, equipment, bathrooms and garden furniture. In addition to providing specific information to potential customers, the catalogs are also part of a company’s business strategy. who have relied on a network marketing marketing model. Catalogs are a kind of representative advertising and for manufacturers, creators etc. Pages with product images that draw users’ attention. Photos that bring them to the shop shelf, to the sales representative, to the respective importer, to the main manufacturer. Photo: https://www.inventivedesign.co.uk   Catalogs are an intermediate tool for the visualization and salemore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктовата фотография при козметиката

Photo: https://www.freepik.com   The cosmetic industry is one of the most evolving industries worldwide. Today, its value is estimated at about  $ 532 billion, which is an indicator that it is growing faster than ever and is one of the most lucrative industries in existence.   According to a global market analysis, consumers are increasingly interested in information about body care and appearance, leading to a significant increase in the consumption of cosmetic products. And if we think about it, each one of us uses them, starting with the hygienic ones and getting to the ones we embellish with. Photo: https://www.thebodyshop.com     For theirmore bg btnmore en btn

Оборудването или фотографа – кое определя качеството на снимките?

Photo: https: //www.freepik.com/   Photography is an art. This largely predetermines the need for a person to have a piece of talent to create creative images. Equipment alone cannot make a photo a masterpiece, but does allow for higher quality.   With a good photographer, skills and equipment go hand in hand. The endless possibilities that new technologies provide also enhance skills, which greatly improves the quality of the end product.   Technological progress, among other things, brings with it new perspectives. Of course, it is really important for any type of photography to have enough valuable knowledge and skills. Each individual niche is specificmore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктовата фотография и маркетингът на онлайн магазини

All the experiences in the online space are related to a certain type of visual image. From the mid-1990s, marketers became interested in the growing impact and opportunities available in virtual space.   In today’s digital world, as more businesses invest in e-commerce and more and more consumers prefer online shopping, high-quality product images are an integral part of the strategic marketing plan of companies and merchants.   Photos in online stores are not just photos, but a tool that creates a first impression, captures and retains consumer attention. In fact, the main mission of a good product frame is to communicate non-verbally with consumers.more bg btnmore en btn

продуктовата фотография

The motto of every business, every brand, every merchant operating in the electronic space is “One”. The search for something new and avant-garde to distinguish it from the crowd has always been leading and will remain so.   To notice and remember the images that will present the products next year, even more bold creativity and knowledge of trends in design, fashion, materials, colors, styles, technique, technology, etc. are required. And in order to be successful, every product photographer will need a fresh, new perspective that inevitably brings him to the question…   What will be popular in product photography in 2020?   In short,more bg btnmore en btn


Photo: http://www.thomasvanschaik.com What do you want your business to look like online? Everyone would like the success of  their brand, products and image to be successful. Statistics show that more than 50% of online users think that photo material is much more revealing than textual information. In other words, customers make a direct link between the quality of the product images and the quality of the products themselves.   Therefore, if you want to sell through the various e-commerce channels or increase your sales , you should always work with professionally captured, high quality images of your products. This adds credibility to your brand andmore bg btnmore en btn


Before looking at the topic of filters under a microscope, let’s first discuss what a photographic filter really is?   Filters are an accessory that attaches to the front of the lens. They are made mainly of high quality glass (or resin). They are used to  protect the lens of the lens from falling or scratching,  to block (filter) certain colors or types of light entering the camera. Some filters are designed to work in more specific conditions, such as too  high light or bright natural light,  while others can enhance colors or reduce reflections.   What do all these filters do? How to usemore bg btnmore en btn


What are the best lenses for product photography?   There is no definite answer. If we look at the professionals we will find that they usually have a set of lenses because their work is related to different areas of product photography.  And before giving their opinion they will take into account details such as:   What genre of product photography will the lens require? And is the camera sensor full or full frame?   Product photography is not just about composition and filming. To achieve a meaningful picture, even the most ordinary object requires specific equipment and appropriate light. And speaking of equipment, it’s notmore bg btnmore en btn

Какво осветление се използва при продуктовата фотография

When we talk about product photography, we always mention lighting and light. It is inevitable. The origin of the word photography itself comes from the Greek φωτός (phōtos or phōs) ‘light’. Product photography realization is impossible without proper light. The best light source for product photography available is natural light. But unfortunately it is not always enough. In order to properly emphasize all product features, it is necessary to have additional lighting. Especially when shooting indoors . When we come across articles, tips, or shared experiences from professionals, we come across the phrase “controlled light.” What exactly is controlled lighting? Most accurately defined, this ismore bg btnmore en btn