What are the best lenses for product photography?   There is no definite answer. If we look at the professionals we will find that they usually have a set of lenses because their work is related to different areas of product photography.  And before giving their opinion they will take into account details such as:   What genre of product photography will the lens require? And is the camera sensor full or full frame?   Product photography is not just about composition and filming. To achieve a meaningful picture, even the most ordinary object requires specific equipment and appropriate light. And speaking of equipment, it’s notmore bg btnmore en btn

Какво осветление се използва при продуктовата фотография

When we talk about product photography, we always mention lighting and light. It is inevitable. The origin of the word photography itself comes from the Greek φωτός (phōtos or phōs) ‘light’. Product photography realization is impossible without proper light. The best light source for product photography available is natural light. But unfortunately it is not always enough. In order to properly emphasize all product features, it is necessary to have additional lighting. Especially when shooting indoors . When we come across articles, tips, or shared experiences from professionals, we come across the phrase “controlled light.” What exactly is controlled lighting? Most accurately defined, this ismore bg btnmore en btn


Product Photography  presents specific perspectives through which it influences and conveys convincing messages to consumers about the product it is presenting. In order to capture the most attractive in a product, passion, inspiration and, of course, skill in the technique are needed. “No one was born scientific.” Banalous, but a true photographer has put the time and effort into  researching, analyzing, and experimenting  to be a professional in his field.   In order to make the  right choice for a product photography camera , you must first determine what type of product photography you will be selling. The wider the range of product style andmore bg btnmore en btn

Photography tent

We live in a visual world where there is no time for mediocre images. Therefore, you can rest assured that a product photography tent will save you the effort and increase your chances of stylish and captivating product images . With a good enough tent you will have a clean background, the necessary bright and even lighting, without those intrusive shadows around the object that you often cannot get rid of. What is a Product Photography Tent? Generally speaking, it is a cube-shaped box with five or six sides , made of transparent fabric, allowing light flow from multiple sources to be distributed and propagatedmore bg btnmore en btn

Lightbox product photography

You have probably noticed that with global digitization, e-commerce is gaining momentum, expanding rapidly and ubiquitously. A condition that is a must is the good internet connection. Of course, the process is not one-sided. Consumers also evolve digitally. A trend that will continue to develop more and more in the years to come. Our grandmothers also look at online stores and pay electronically, while the e-shopping platforms are attracting an increasing number of producers, traders and entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that in order to be attractive on the Internet, traders need quality images of their products. Commercial images are the fruit of product photography.more bg btnmore en btn

Фотография за онлайн продукти

The rapid development of digital technologies and their widespread popularization require our online presence to be more persistent, whether as traders or as regular consumers. And maybe you are creating? And maybe you have something to present to others? Handmade jewelery, items, souvenirs? Or you knit, decorate objects, draw glass, or you manage a culinary blog? Or are you an entrepreneur who is just starting their business online?       Do you currently have a budget that will allow you to take advantage of the skills of a professional photographer or the services of an advertising agency? Most likely, such a perspective raises a numbermore bg btnmore en btn


Do you shop from online stores? We’re sure you do it regularly. And when you look at products in such stores how do you decide whether to buy a particular product or not? By paying close attention to the photos of the product, right? And if you search for a specific product and find it in several e-commerce stores at one price, but in one store the product is realistically shown, the photo is made with a great eye for details, and in the others it looks ordinary and totally plain as if you just have shot it with your phone in a hurry, frommore bg btnmore en btn


What is product photography and what is its origin? Every time you unfold the pages of an advertising brochure, browse your favorite restaurant menu, or go to an online store website, you are touching the world of product photography. This kind of photography is one of the last types that occurs with the development of online marketing. It is also called product shooting and is part of the advertising or so-called commercial photography. In the beginning there was the Daguerreotype We can not talk about the history of product photography without making a very brief overview of the origin and development of photography (we promisemore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография за храна

Imagine being in a restaurant and opening the menu. You are reading the content, but a photo of a perfectly baked steak, garnished with colorful vegetables, covered with an abundant sauce, does not stop attracting your attention. Admit it! No matter how much you read the contents of the menu, that appetizing photo does not go away from your thoughts. In the end, you order that juicy steak. This is the superpower of a photo in product photography. To charm you right away. Make you choose. And when it comes to an impressive snapshot of food, its effect is to awaken your appetite and makemore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография на бижута

Being able to capture the beauty of jewelry in a few frames is comparable to art. The valuable product photography of jewelery is key to success in the online sale of jewelery or the creation of a quality catalogue. Everyone involved in jewelery shooting has the difficult task of finding and capturing their attractiveness and managing to deliver it in a particularly intriguing way to the audience. When it comes to jewelery, everything hides in the details. High-quality images are essential to their performance. Detailed and accurate demonstration has the power to attract attention. And this may be an indisputable argument that determines the subsequentmore bg btnmore en btn