Как да подобрите реализациите на продуктови страници?

Today, consumers shop regularly from e-commerce sites and create new ones revenue streams. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, with total revenue in Europe in 2021. are estimated at 396 billion euros. This is why online business presence or the use of digital tools for Creating spaces to present a brand is a vital necessity. To be successful, you need to be aware of the role of product pages: Product pages are the link between you and your potential new customers Product pages are a tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors Product pages offer real added value, stimulate awareness, commitment and trust in the productmore bg btnmore en btn

Важни компоненти за заснемане на перфектната снимка на продукта

Why do you need a perfect product photo? Product image helps consumer perception and is a key factor in e-commerce that you should not underestimate. If you have an online store or intend to sell through various digital channels, you should be aware that the perfect photo of a product represents its value and provoke to sale. In order to increase your sales percentage you will need product images that attract attention and are convincing. What are the most important components to get the perfect product photo? When it comes to product photography, always plan the whole process well and don’t be afraid to investmore bg btnmore en btn

Тънкостите на продуктовата фотография – ключът към скока в онлайн продажбите

The best way to increase online sales is to choose the product photography to sell for you. How often do you come across retailers selling the same product? If you are a retailer yourself and you think that just because your product is quality and good, sales will fly, you will need to be aware that people will not know this. This conditionality is especially relevant if the market is saturated. Then you will have a glaring need to set your product apart from the rest. And product images are a key tool in this endeavor because they can perfectly to emphasize the strengths ofmore bg btnmore en btn

Защо инвестицията в продуктова фотография ще помогне на бизнеса ви?

The use of the Internet, mobile applications and social media has become an integral part of many people’s daily lives. According to statistics 4.54 billion people are active Internet users , which covers about 59% of the world’s population  (Statista, 2020a ) . The same technological and social innovations helped change consumer behavior, which had a direct impact on how we interact and use online commerce to make decisions and shop online.  Why a good investment in product photography will make a profit? We all have to search for something online and the moment we open the search results we find ourselves in a websitemore bg btnmore en btn

Бъдещето на продуктовата фотография

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular among people worldwide and forecast trends show that in a few years, trade will be mostly mobile.  Until now, users used their mobile devices to search for information, today many of them shop mobile. More and more people in our country are starting to trust this process. In 2020 online shopping has become a habit for 31% of online users in Bulgaria. Statistics show that over 1.6 million Bulgarian consumers have shopped online (BEA e-commerce Passport 2020). The fact is that in the last few years trade has undergone a transformation . Technology and modern isolation conditionsmore bg btnmore en btn

Фоторетушът при продуктовата фотография

Product retouching: Alma Negra Studio Capturing captivating product images starts with capturing the product, but for improving and emphasizing it requires further editing. The final editing technique used by photographers is called retouching. What is product photography retouching? To make the photo more natural and realistic, it is necessary to make some changes in the visual objects by manipulating the image , with which to improve product photos. These can be adjustments to the background color, product shape, size, texture, stain removal, softening or sharpening of edges, and so on. n. As part of the post-production, retouching forms those final touches, with which the productmore bg btnmore en btn

LED осветлението и продуктовата фотография

Im Zuge der interaktiven Visualisierung von Produkten wird deren realistische Darstellung besonders wichtig für die Erfahrung des Kunden und eine Art Garantie für seine Zufriedenheit. Daher sind Werbung und Produktfotografie heute eine Priorität für jedes Online-Geschäft. Produktvisualisierung ist ein vielschichtiger Prozess, bei dem Beleuchtungsentscheidungen und Feinabstimmung der dominierende Faktor sind um fesselnde Bilder zu erzielen, die das Produkt im besten Licht präsentieren. In der professionellen Produktfotografie werden üblicherweise unterschiedliche Beleuchtungsarten verwendet. Studiobeleuchtung kombiniert Blink- und Dauerlicht. Die Dauerlichtquelle ist meistens die LED-Lampe. In den letzten Jahren haben LED-Technologien einen Durchbruch erzielt und da sie das Erscheinungsbild von Dauerlicht in der Fotografie komplett verändert haben. Diemore bg btnmore en btn

Как да разпознаем добрият продуктов фотограф?

Product photography is becoming more and more important these days, because in most cases appropriate photos mean sales. Moreover, in order for customers to be satisfied, information about online products must be reliable. Visual content that meets expectations is a prerequisite for gaining trust and brand loyalty. Attractive images add individuality and value. That’s why every start-up or growing online business needs professional product photography. This is an investment with a big advantage for the overall look and image of the business, as well as a great way to stand out from the competition. Commercial photos are designed to promote products and should therefore bemore bg btnmore en btn

Финалният блясък при продуктовата фотография

Product photography is a complex process, with many stages . Careful examination of each of them – from start to finish – has a huge impact on the end result. The first phase of the creative process begins with demanding research of the product itself , in-depth knowledge of the audience and the place where the product will be presented. It goes through the idea and overall concept of building an attractive product image. The next steps continue with choosing the appropriate background and props. Product preparation. Shooting. Product image processing. And for the shots to be truly captivating, they will need a dose ofmore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография под вода

When it comes to commercial, commercial photography thinking should be strong creatively. Only then would the end result be different. To stand out from the competition professionals approach in a non-standard way and create a whole new world in their plots. Right here images of products taken underwater fit particularly well. Captured movements of water, bubbles, all complex combinations of color paints and light give life to otherwise standard and almost boring images. Underwater product photography is a separate area in advertising photography. It is interesting, challenging and time consuming, but that is why the achievements are often more than satisfactory. It is no coincidencemore bg btnmore en btn