Креативността незаменим фактор на фотографа

Photo: Sam Hofman Creativity is the urge that challenges the artist to go beyond his familiar boundaries. It is through creativity that each artist in a different, individual and resourceful way distinguishes his work. In cooking every chef learns to cook according to a recipe. While a good chef carefully selects each ingredient, follows each step and ultimately achieves an excellent result, the master adds a dose of creativity. Improves the taste, improves both the dish itself and the presentation. Exactly creativity is what will make him a famous and sought-after chef. The same thing happens with photography. There are so many different points of viewmore bg btnmore en btn

Как топ брандовете използват продуктовата фотография?

Nowadays, it is almost inevitable if you produce a physical product that you do not build an online business. And the product image is the first thing potential customers will come across and that’s why well-groomed photos are of great importance. This is where product photography appears. Big brands, boutique businesses and everything in between attract attention, arouse interest, stimulate sales with visual content. It is proving to be a key element in branding and helping brands to thrive. The process of branding the product consists in building its individuality. This strategy is used not only for the audience that buys, but also to recognizemore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктови снимки на мебели за баня

Photo: https: //www.richardbooth.co.uk The trends in interior design today do not pass the bathrooms. The success of the innovations in the choice of design solutions for furnishing bathrooms is strongly linked to the visual presentation of furniture, accessories and interior. To meet the needs of their customers, bathroom furniture manufacturers need realistic and eye-catching images that highlight products, reflect their functionality and design, and impress. Where can we find product photos of bathroom furniture? In catalogs, product brochures, online stores, websites, advertising and social media. Of course, each of these niches has specific subtleties for capturing and presenting the range. What they have in common,more bg btnmore en btn

Онлайн презентиране на десерти – продуктовата фотография най- мощното оръжие

Photo: laurencariscooks.com Today, times are such that online presence is a necessity and great looking dessert shots certainly make a first impression and have the power to be a powerful weapon to increase sales. The images with which desserts are presented are much more important than we think! It is they who give value. Online product photos of desserts are present in digital menus and websites of restaurants, bakeries, confectioneries, wedding and party catalogs, as well as in thousands of culinary blogs. We also find them in online advertising and social media. In order to stand out in the foreground, they must be able tomore bg btnmore en btn

Съвети за продуктова фотография за онлайн магазин

For online stores today, it is especially important to constantly develop, to become better and more attractive in the presentation of their range. A very sensible move on the part of brands and retailers present in the online markets is to follow the trends in product photography, in order to maintain and expand their positions. Why is product photography so important for online stores? When consumers visit an online store, their primary reaction is to view product images. This is the key point. A product page with high quality and sufficiently informative images shows the importance of the products and impacts on potential sales. Ifmore bg btnmore en btn

Основни стъпки в продуктовата фотография

Creating high quality product photos is not such a simple process. Anyone who undertakes to take product photos intended for e-commerce will have to learn how to style the products, how to adjust the lighting, how to apply different exposures, how to present the products attractively. The path to the valuable shot of the product photographer can be long or short. It all depends on the approach he chooses to improve the quality and efficiency of his work. In this regard, it is important to understand that someone may study literature and technology in detail for years and not succeed, while another may not knowmore bg btnmore en btn

Маса за продуктова фотография

Product photography is gaining more and more popularity. Including a wide range of niches, it fits well as one of the developing creative industries nowadays. Surely this is the case without following the statistics, because think about it: Which brand or e-shop does not need product images to sell? Whether you are shooting in a controlled studio environment or outdoors, to realize high quality product images you will not only need to master the technique and master certain skills, but you will also need to study the right set of equipment, necessary to carry out this whole process. One of the best facilities for making productmore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография за начинаещи

Photo: Pixabay When you intend to sell on the Internet, in addition to an e-commerce website, you should also consider photos of your products, with which you will promote them and make them popular.   What do we need to know about product photography before we start? Product images are the springboard for selling your products. To get exceptional product shots  you will need knowledge, some basic guidelines and, of course, a dose of creativity to make your photos shine. Every beginner should be familiar with some key components with which he will be able to get closer to the professionals. Who are they? knowmore bg btnmore en btn

Филтрите – предимства и недостатъци

Photo: Katya Tokusheva   Today,  social media has become one of the most important marketing channels to promote many businesses. More than ever, they have managed to bring customers closer to brands. And while for many of us, taking pictures with our phones using  special filters  to style and distinguish our photos in the ocean from social media is a fun endeavor, when it comes to product photography, we know that this type of filters can compromise the quality of our product. As customers expect more and more from e-commerce retailers, the strength of the product frame can hardly be overlooked  and images for online storesmore bg btnmore en btn

Постпродукция на продуктовата фотография

Creating images in product photography is not limited to the shooting process itself. Its implementation is a complex set of many stages. Starting with the choice of technique and equipment, experience in working with manual settings, go through the creative idea, creating a stage, selecting the appropriate lighting and background and get to the shooting itself.   So, what happens after you take your pictures? Of course, there is one last step by which the high quality images will be fully ready to sell the product. The last phase in product photography is post-production or editing. You need to edit the photos you have taken, evenmore bg btnmore en btn