PhotoPro offers professional photographic services in the field of product photography..

The studio works with a professional team of photographers, retouches and stylists.

Our photographers are excellent professionals.

They will offer you ideas and their vision of how your products will look the best.
They will also hear your requests and will comply with them.

An important part of our team are stylists who have extensive experience in product design.

They will help to perfect the perfect shot.
The end result is flawless thanks to our retouching specialist in the field of advertising and graphic design.

We have the ability to pick and return the products you want to shoot from your warehouse.
You can send them with Speedy at our preferential prices as well as deliver them yourself to our studio (Slatina, Sofia).

Once delivered, we will take care to prepare your photos for no cost in the price – smooth the clothes, polish glossy surfaces and assemble the product.

For larger items, we will negotiate an extra price for the preparation of your products.

We will shoot your products after careful preparation to present the item in its best light. Our photographers have a great experience in shooting products for online stores.

We have modern professional equipment – non-mirror cameras, LED lighting with constant color temperature.

For living mannequins we use impulse lighting of the highest class.
After recording, frames are subject to retouching to eliminate imperfections, adjust tones and colors.
You will get the shots in two variants – one with high resolution and one suited for e-commerce.
The files will have names and naming system as you specify.
They can be uploaded to a server, cloud, or delivered to you in the way you want.

We return your products in their original packaging and strive for your goods not to lose their commercial appearance.

Everything will be carefully packed and delivered by our transport or sent by courier.

Depending on the distances and specifics of the products, we will negotiate an individual price.

What are our most common shooting methods?

Photos of products on a white background are most popular.
You will get crystal shots on a white background that will ensure that the focus of the customers will be on the product. Such tasks are highly demanded by our e-commerce customers.

If you are interested in photography of fashion clothing and accessories we can offer you the following options:

• Shots on a product table;
• Shots on a model;
• Shots with an invisible (ghost) model;
• Shots with human models (men, women and children)

If your products are fashion accessories, jewelry, shoes or other similar products, we can offer you the 360 – degree product photos or videos.

We can provide you with photos for:

• E-shop;
• Amazon;
• E-bay;
• Advertising;
• Printed materials;

There is an option for urgent assignments.
Depending on the deadlines, there are different additional charges on the original price:

Orders for 2 business days – additional 30% on the price
Orders for„tomorrow“ – additional 50% on the price

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