When we were looking for a name that best reflects our philosophy, we settled on Photo Pro. It expresses the professionalism of our team, striving to offer high quality photography services.

We work primarily in the field of product photography – an area that has been developing tremendously in recent years and one of the reasons is the E-commerce. Practically, every online store must have excellent images of its products.

Along with quality descriptions, they are the foundation of a successful online business. The need for quality service is also one of the reasons for the appearance of the studio.

Our team currently consists of photographers, retouchers and stylists with experience in product photography.

Experience in the implementation of numerous successful campaigns guarantees not only the execution of your assignment, but also proposals and concepts for maximum effectiveness.

It is normal that you do not have in-depth knowledge in this field, and therefore Photo Pro specialists will offer a plan for the overall look of your products.

In addition to the technical shoot, we will discuss your ideas and visions, developing them in a way that is most profitable for your business.

Stylists play a particularly important role in this process. Their experience in product design will help in creating the perfect shots.

Your product will be presented in the “best light” with appropriate emphasis on its qualities or functionalities.
Whether it is mobile phones or dresses. Working with experienced retouchers ensures the impeccable quality of each photo.

There are many things that set our studio apart from the rest.

One of them is that we offer to personally pick up and return your products after photographing them. If you prefer, it is also possible to send them by courier or bring them to us (Kazichene, Sofia).

Preparing the products for the shoot is our responsibility – we iron, polish, assemble and clean your items. This is how we get the best vision for the shots. If your products are more voluminous or require specific preparation, the additional fee for it is discussed.

The equipment at the studio’s disposal is professional of the highest class – mirrorless cameras, LED lighting with a constant color temperature. For sessions with live mannequins, pulsed lighting of top quality is used.

After the shooting process is completed, the pictures are processed and retouched in order to remove imperfections, adjust colors and tones. You get each photo in two versions – in high resolution and with parameters for publishing online.

File titling is as per customer requirements – we follow your numbering, names or abbreviations. The receipt is in a format convenient for the guarantor: on a flash drive, uploaded to a server or cloud.

The return of the products is in their original form and packaging, and we take care that they are not changed during the shooting process. With Photo Pro transport or by courier for the relevant fee, you receive your goods immediately after the session is over.

What are our most common shooting methods?

We follow the leading trends in product photography and offer white background shooting. This technique allows the product to stand out as much as possible, as the neutral color does not distract the eye and the attention. The emphasis falls solely on the product.
Everything from furniture to smartphone cases is photographed on this principle.

Shooting fashion clothing and accessories can be done in several different ways:

  • Shots on a product table;
  • Shots on a mannequin;
  • Shots with an invisible (ghost) mannequin;
  • Shots with live models (men, women and children).

In the case of compact sized products – jewelry, souvenirs, shoes, accessories, bags, we can also offer extremely attractive 360 degree shots and/or product video.

Sometimes the different platforms where traders publish their products have individual requirements.

The processing of the frames allows sending photos compatible with the parameters of the electronic store, Amazon, E-bay and Etsy, as well as to Bulgarian online trade directories.

The format of the images is suitable for advertising – online and in print.

We can take urgent or emergency orders and they will be charged accordingly:
orders for 2 working days – additional 30% on the price
orders within 24 hours – additional 50% on the price

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