What is a Product Photography Tent?
Photography tent

We live in a visual world where there is no time for mediocre images.

Therefore, you can rest assured that a product photography tent will save you the effort and increase your chances of stylish and captivating product images . With a good enough tent you will have a clean background, the necessary bright and even lighting, without those intrusive shadows around the object that you often cannot get rid of.

What is a Product Photography Tent?

Generally speaking, it is a cube-shaped box with five or six sides , made of transparent fabric, allowing light flow from multiple sources to be distributed and propagated correctly around the object .

The secret to beautiful images is that product and commercial photographers have long since discovered the value of a product photography tent and have it in their studios. We also find a significant difference in the equipment they use. The professional studio usually has more expensive tents, modifiers, and softboxes that provide additional control of the luminous flux. They are assisted by a variety of automated stands, rotating arms, and more.

But let’s not forget that expensive equipment and large studios are not always the source of stunning visual results. If you know how to use the equipment properly and the light you will be able to compete and upgrade your equipment with better quality and professional appliances.

Tent with phone

Are you looking for the magic to develop product photography for e-commerce and your business ? Magic to create images that drive sales in your web store or online account on platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy or help you stand out with your products on social networks? Well, you found the product photography tent .

Which model to choose?

In the first place, it all depends on what your idea is and what you will shoot . If you are unsure about your choices, we will reveal some of the advantages and disadvantages of one of the most preferred and affordable models of product photography tents right now. Product photography tents are available in a variety of sizes – from small to large to fit man.

Of course, the smaller ones are famous for their ergonomics and functionality . They are suitable for capturing small objects, jewelry, items, while large ones are intended for larger objects , such as household appliances, equipment, models, etc. Whether you choose a large or small tent, their ultimate advantage is that they are portable, which gives you plenty of options. One of the most common and ergonomic models is Amazon basics Portable Photo Studio.

Ergonomic tent for photography

Suitable for anyone with a small indoor space for a studio. The tent is lightweight, with built-in LED lights and a folding design . LED lighting is generally a more reliable and safe option than tungsten, which has the ability to overheat. Led lighting is brighter, more even, more economical .

One of the main advantages of this model is that it is easily portable . Can be worn closed, on shoulder. In addition, it is a relatively large product photography tent, measuring 25 x 30 x 25 inches , with easy and quick adjustments.

The main disadvantage of the model is the inability of the lights to be switched off autonomously . Or, if we do not turn off the main power, the lighting will continue to illuminate.

LimoStudio Table Top Studio Lighting Box Tent Kit

Product photography tent

One of the cheapest options and especially suitable for smartphones.

Despite its low price, the thirty-inch product photography tent goes with:

two external LED lights

● stable stands

● Smartphone tripod

● Holder

● four color backgrounds – red, white, blue, black

The most innovative part is the walls. Made of a specific transparent material that prevents glare and is comfortable for additional studio lights that enhance image quality.

HAVOX Light Box Studio Photography Kit

One of the most practical and lightweight product photography tents available on the market. Includes four LED stripes, and below them there is a built-in diffuser that further softens the lights. The lighting itself has an extremely good color rendering index ( CRI ) – 93 . The higher the CRI of the light source , the more natural colors are transmitted to the subject.

For comparison, the sun is 100 CRI . In a word, the product will be captured in the most realistic colors possible , which is crucial for presentation in the web space. Another great feature is that each box has one top and three front openings . This maximizes shooting capabilities and minimizes external reflections. Photos can be taken from above, from below, and you can rotate the entire tent as needed to have full access.

 The HAVOX Photo Light Box takes only 15 minutes to set up, making it extremely easy to install. It comes in three different sizes – 16 inches, 24 inches and 32 inches .

Fotodiox Pro LED Studio Photo Light Box

A compact design that saves space while still being portable.

The Fotodiox Photo Light Box is made of quality material. When ordered, it arrives folded. It is expanded in square shape. It has enough light that is bouncing and ensures that your images are shaded.

The original set includes four background colors – black, gray, blue and white. An excellent addition are the integrated LED lights with a movable diffusion panel that work seamlessly together to soften the flow of light. When you finish taking action, you only fold the tent and remove all the accessories and accessories.

Neewer Best Photo Light Box

Photography tent with black background

However, if you still have a limited budget, you may want to find out what Neewer ‘s product photography tent has to offer .

It is made of translucent nylon material, with good light transmission ability, filtering the bundles of rays and eliminating hot spots – places where overexposure can occur. It should be mentioned that this model does not come with a light source . Please note that it must be purchased additionally.

On the other hand, you will fall in love with the large front opening, which provides adequate space and the ability to shoot the subject from different angles. The interior space is large enough. You can fit an item 40 cm high. Four colored backgrounds are included in the kit.

The e-commerce needs of quality images make photographic equipment manufacturers creative, continually creating, updating and expanding their production , meeting the requirements of product photography to the fullest.

Considerable advantage for consumers . The user can choose according to his / her needs and needs. At the moment you will find plenty of product photography tents on the market, with some extra extras . A product photography tent definitely scales the entire process of capturing a product, providing an easy and comfortable work environment.

Saves time for lighting settings – most models have a direct-mounted LED board . This type of lighting produces pure, even light that eliminates glare, which is especially suitable for capturing objects with a shiny, reflective surface , such as jewelry.

LED lighting is energy efficient and the luminaires do not overheat. The LEDs emit much less heat, which covers a major drawback in product photography of food, especially when shooting desserts .

When it comes to product photography tents, there are many fantastic models, with various options that you can buy at specialist photo equipment stores or order online. Of course, remember that you also have the opportunity to create your own product photography tent.