What type of products do we shoot?

We are specialized in the shooting of clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and industrial goods.
We also photograph other e-commerce products, but we need to see them, explore your requirements and offer you a solution.


How many product shots are recommended?

It depends on the specifics of your products and the intended purpose of the product photography. However, we recommend that you have at least 3 different frames for each product.


What preparatory work should be done before the product is captured?

We carefully unpack your products, clean them if necessary and polish shiny surfaces.
Before photographing clothes, we iron them. Everything is done with attention and eye for details. We strive not only to use the product for the shooting but also to be able to return it to you in the original packaging with all the labels and in excellent commercial appearance.
Once we prepare the product, we place in on the product table, model or we dress a human model with it in order to find the best light for the relevant surfaces and fabrics. It is only then that we move on to photographing.


What kind of equipment do we have?

With regard to the cameras we use, we trust and rely on the SONY imaging mirroress equipment. They gave us the opportunity to make full-frame images with a huge 42.2-megapixel resolution. Their lenses gave us the sharpness needed to highlight the qualities of a given product. As soon as our team became bigger, we equipped four shooting sets with SONY.
For full light control, we decided to work with Elinchrom and Litepanels. It is important for us to provide our customers with all the functional opportunities, so we offer both permanent and impulse lighting in the shooting process. With the Gemini and Astra series, the LItepanels specialists guarantee a variety of intensive lighting with many special effects and options for change of the color temperature. Working with Elinchrom flashes proves us their precision and quality every day. They give us the freedom to capture the perfect moment for your product.
You will get a complete impression of the completion of this so favorite process when we get to postproduction. The processing of the shots is just as important as the entire previous work. That’s why our retouchers have two super-powerful computers that will process even the heaviest files. To get a crystal image, ready to print or web, we work with 4К DELL monitors.


What are the prices?

The prices are per frame. If you need an image of the front, side and back of a specific product, you need 3 frames. The prices are per frame, not per product. For larger quantities, prices are lower.


Terms of payment?

Our standard terms of payment are 50% in advance upon assignment and 50% upon the delivery of the service. For all payments we will issue an invoice, which you can pay via bank transfer.


How to place an order?

Contact us by phone or email to specify how and what products you want us to photograph. It is important for us to know whether you want frames made on an invisible model, whether you want us to make images of jewelry or of other specific products.


What are the deadlines for implementation?

Up to 1 000 frames – from 3 to 10 business days, depending on the business schedule and workload of the studio.
For more than 1000 frames we will make a schedule according to which we will submit to you the required frames.
If you want the work to be done within shorter periods of time, additional charges will be negotiated.


How can your products reach us?

9.1 You can deliver the products personally and take them back after photographing.
9.2 You can send them to us by courier and we will return them back in the same way. The courier costs are at your expense;
9.3 We can come to an address specified by you, take the products, make and process the photos, and take the products back to you. The cost of this service is negotiable;


Is it possible to reshoot?

Yes. Though it does not happen very often, we do reshoots. We want our customers to be satisfied. We have a simple and clear rule – give us a detailed written description on how you want your product to be shot, and if we do not comply with it, we will reshoot the product. To make sure we understand exactly your requirements, you can provide us with exemplary images made with a phone, or links to similar products or drafts.


Do we make free sample photos?

We offer you to shoot one of your products for free. In this way you will see the quality of our work, you will understand how we work and how easy the process is. The offer of free sample photos is valid for new customers and includes up to 5 photos.