Product photography table
Маса за продуктова фотография

Product photography is gaining more and more popularity. Including a wide range of niches, it fits well as one of the developing creative industries nowadays. Surely this is the case without following the statistics, because think about it: Which brand or e-shop does not need product images to sell?

Whether you are shooting in a controlled studio environment or outdoors, to realize high quality product images you will not only need to master the technique and master certain skills, but you will also need to study the right set of equipment, necessary to carry out this whole process.

One of the best facilities for making product photography is an indoor studio. Of course, you don’t have to rent extra space for this or spend a lot of money. You can also do it at home.

One of the main attributes in a product photography studio is the table. The place to place the product and fix it. Professionals have long been convinced that the table for product photography is one of the most convenient tools for shooting products.

The classic table for product photography or similar construction of stands, background paper and horizontal board is part of their standard equipment.

Product photography table

What is a product photography table?

The professional shooting table is a structure of aluminum or metal frame, with the ability to adjust the angles of the plane.

Product photography table

It is easy to assemble.

Product photography table

The construction is stable and reliable. A white translucent, non-reflective material is usually attached to it, which provides a smooth transition from the foreground to the background without forming a visible edge.

Product photography table

The big advantage of the table is that you can place one or two lights under its surface. The light below illuminates the table, which eliminates shadows cast by the table object.

And successful lighting in product photography is a key moment. With the product shooting table, you can also quickly and conveniently take photos from different angles, including the top, which provides many opportunities to get different points of view and detailed product presentation.

As with any equipment in photography and product photography tables, we find a huge variety of models and variations, which differ entirely from the needs, different types of products, the quantity, size and individual properties of each of them, as well as the conditions in which they will be filmed.

Therefore, choosing a table for product photography can be a difficult task. If you are planning to invest in a product photography table, you need to consider in detail in which direction you will develop.

Some models are designed for use in a stationary studio, while others are compact, foldable and can be carried anywhere. You can choose between those designed for standard (small and medium objects), as well as reinforced, which are entirely oriented to more non-standard, large and heavier objects.

Extremely practical are those models that include additional elements, such as lighting, backgrounds and all the necessary components that would be completely sufficient for your needs. This will free you from the annoying search for compatible elements and will not you’re wasting time.

Product photography table

Specific models are available with a concave background that is illuminated from below and / or behind. And this is especially important for some objects, whose main details and characteristics are accentuated with appropriately placed lighting.

The priority of the portable shooting table is that it can be used with various lighting systems for photography, even with ordinary lamps. Most models are foldable, made of high quality metal alloy and can be easily cleaned and stored.

The portable shooting table does not require mounting, it is ready for use as soon as it is removed from the box. Perfect choice, if you have to visit clients on site, as well as in case you do not have a studio.

Product photography table

An important feature in choosing a table for product photography is the budget that the photographer has. Of course, there are also simpler models for universal product photography. In case you are looking for an affordable, economical, space-saving, but still durable and professional option, look for something similar.

Product photography table

This type of table can be used with both a camera and a smartphone.

The model comes with a trapezoid that helps position the camera in any position. Another simpler alternative you can find is two panels that connect with specially adapted brackets.

Product photography table


They are suitable for:

  • pictures of jewelry.
  • food.
  • catalog photos.
  • photos for social networks.
  • cosmetics
  • tools.

And since most of these images have to be creative you’ll have to change backgrounds often, which sometimes turns out to be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive endeavor. and those that need adjustment in different places. Because of the easy change of backgrounds, you have a convenient way to diversify your product images.

Product photography table

Product photography table



The table for product photography can be one whole desktop studio. It is perfect in terms of light distribution and would help you more easily illuminate the product from any angle. In fact, this could be ideal equipment for shooting small or medium-sized products, because it will give you the opportunity to get a clean, clear, white background.

Advantages of using a table for product photography:

  • The product is fixed and can be illuminated from all angles, including the back and bottom, to create the desired effect.
  • Especially suitable for shooting large series products on a white background.
  • Standard equipment used in professional product studios, saving time.
  • Provides the ability to change backgrounds while maintaining translucent properties.


Disadvantages when using a table for product photography:

  • A separate space is required for fixed models.
  • Not suitable for highly reflective objects, such as motorcycle helmets.
  • Not suitable and not used for shooting particularly heavy subjects.


In what price range can we find a table for product photography?

Like any photographic equipment, the price range for product photography tables is extensible.

The prices are determined mainly by the size of the construction, the quality of the metal structure, the background material, as well as by the fact whether the table is included with lighting and other components.

Naturally, the simpler models are affordable and are a good base for beginners.

In Bulgaria, importers of photographic equipment offer professional tables for product photography at prices ranging from BGN 100 to BGN 1,300. In sites such as Amazon, Photospecialist and others. the choice is much richer, but the cost of delivery significantly increases the cost of products.

Many e-commerce and platforms, such as Amazon and Shopify, typically require a clean, white background for online product placement. That is why it is very important to have the right surface. Therefore, having a table for product photography would be a practical solution that will bring valuable results.

No matter what you’re shooting – jewelry, food, toys, the product photography table is a great way to turn your shots into professional product images.