Продуктова фотография на обувки

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https://www.arts.ac.uk

Presenting shoes in today’s digital world of shopping, mass production and ever-increasing consumer demand is a little more complicated than before.  Appropriate, well-thought-out solutions, engaging concepts and, of course, a great deal of creativity are required.

When customers shop for shoes online,  all the information they need needs to be presented visually.  Therefore, publishing numerous and high-quality product photos is crucial to the success of any online business.

What you need to know about product photography of shoes?

The fashion industry today offers a wide variety of shoe models.  It is important for the product photographer to be flexible in his work,  to be able to assess the set tasks and to anticipate the possible challenges he may face when realizing product images of shoes.

Therefore, in general we can distinguish two main groups of photos according to the type of shoes:

  • Photos of standard shoes – all types of shoes, except boots above the knee and shoes with straps.
  • Photos of intricate shoes – those with a complex design, sandals, platform shoes, boots above the knee or models with straps, metal ornaments and more.

Product photography of shoes is widely used both for online projects (websites, e-shops, social media, etc.) and offline (catalogs, printed advertising materials, etc.).

What techniques and tricks can you apply?

Let’s start with the background

The background is initially important for any product image, but when it comes to taking pictures of shoes,  the choice of background can be delicate.

White background is the most appropriate and tendentiously mandatory,  if the photos are intended for online trade. The white background suggests that the user’s attention is focused only on the shoes, and they will stand out on him.

If the site where the shoes will be offered has a specific color palette or you want to be more creative and choose a color background, be sure that  the background color goes well with the shoes and complements the overall look of the image.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https://www.nastygal.com

Also, many online markets have their own set of image guidelines and you need to  follow the sequence in the way you shoot,  colors, retouch.

For photos in context  the choice of location for shoe photography is key .

For example, a pair of hiking boots is best shot in a real setting and in action.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: http://www.hiconsumption.com

 The combination of different styles  Product photography is always a serious approach that attracts consumers.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.rancourtandcompany.com

If you decide  to include a model in your photo shoot , the trick is to choose someone with thin legs. To match the outfit of the model with the color combination of the whole concept. Try shots with different movements.

Choice of effective angles

How to make customers get the best idea of ​​the shoes you are going to shoot?  The most effective approach is to choose the right angles. And when it comes to product images of shoes  guiding practice is to show all possible sides, details  (material, texture, buckle, zipper, emblem) and even the sole.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.rancourtandcompany.com

 Choosing a few key angles  can really help a lot of shoe photography. In short, you need to make  side view of the shoes from one corner, front, back, top, and ¾ view. With this move you will be able to capture all the details,  ornaments, decorations, to show the height of the heel or platform, for which users will then be grateful and much more willing to buy a pair of shoes.

Over the years, the American brand “Timberland” has  focused on creating innovative products . In the manufacturer’s website we find high quality product images that present our shoes in great detail. In addition to  the ability to scale the frames  there are always at least two perfectly detailed frames that emphasize  the seams, the texture of the skin  and each individual element of the shoe.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https://www.timberland.com/mens.html

One of the most workable approaches is to  emphasize the features that elevate product quality.

GORE-TEX is a brand with  high-performance product technologies of waterproof fabrics and fabrics,  which partners with some of the world’s most famous manufacturers of clothing and footwear.

In this regard, in the product images of shoes with GORE-TEX fabrics would be successful  frame, which demonstrates the main feature  – water resistance of materials and proves the quality of shoes. And GORE-TEX have gone even further, because on their site we come across videos. What better and more convincing online demonstration of the brand’s hallmark than a video?

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.gore- tex.com

 The details and details of products in online commerce are extremely important. So be sure to add a 360-degree view.

Flat – landscape photography or top view  is still popular on social media. But it also has some indicative advantages, such as combining shoes with another suitable item or series of products.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.glossedandfound.com

Tell a different story by  selecting additional props.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: thetrendspotter.net

Product images with so-called free-hanging shoes are used  mostly in creative and advertising photography .

Product photography of shoes

Photo: Converse

Light and lighting

At the heart of high-quality product photography of shoes is  the appropriate and well-distributed lighting. The directional light coming from both sides of a pair of shoes and complementary front light with reflector is a flawless setting.

 Be sure to keep the contact shadow  falling at the bottom of the frame. In case there are metal elements, decorations, etc. on the shoes, you will also need a white reflector to avoid unwanted glare and reflections. Keep in mind that  direct lighting casts deep shadows,  which are a big drawback.

If you need to take pictures outside,  find a shady place,  to get the most even light. Avoid strong sun and photos at noon.

Equipment, technique and settings

Commercial images need high quality , so a professional full-frame camera is the most suitable option.

In product photography of shoes, everything should be in focus. In this regard, a small depth of field is not necessary and  lenses can be used in different ranges  in accordance with the basic idea of ​​the frame and the conditions in which the photo shoot will take place.

Practice gives a predominance of lenses of about 15 mm and more. However, keep in mind that  wide-angle lenses have the ability to distort the product.

One of the advantages of product photography of shoes is that  it can be shot with a lower ISO,  which will reduce the noise in the image and you will be able to improve the sharpness as a whole. As a rule,  a larger aperture provides you with a larger area of ​​the frame  to focus on.

Inspirational ideas for product photography of shoes

Take  the demonstration of as many application options as possible  as a trick in product photography of shoes. This tactic enhances consumers’ perceptions and can be a motive for a faster purchase decision.

In the next few frames we see, in addition to the required angles

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.rancourtandcompany.com

and contextual images emphasizing specific situations and combinations with clothes.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: https: //www.rancourtandcompany.com

For its spring collection, the famous  Converse brand relies on a lot of color and freshness,  which hints to consumers how colorful the new products (sneakers) are.

Product photography of shoes

Photo: Converse

To stand out from the rest in product photography of shoes  it is important not to be afraid to be creative.  Individual and sometimes even eccentric concepts win the interest of the audience. So use personal ideas for backgrounds, scenes and decor.

It is no coincidence that one of the most experienced professional photographers and experts in advertising photography of shoes Matthew Seed works with international brands, whose impressive list of clients  includes some of the biggest names in the industry:

  • Nike
  • JD Sports
  • Lacoste
  • Chipmunks
  • Lissom
  • Reebok
  • Blacks
  • Converse
  • FootAsylum Timberland & Ten.

Product photography of shoes

But he doesn’t limit himself to this and  continues to upgrade his portfolio , which often provides him with orders to shoot premium models.