Product photography accessories
Аксесоари за продуктова фотография

Product photography accessories

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The perfect shot!

The work that every product photographer hopes to create.

Of course, success is  the result of many actions , as a result of following certain rules and using the right equipment.

If we look at the tool list of a  professional photographer , we can always find something new that we have not used before and that would  help us to improve and elevate our work.

If you are a beginner in product photography start with the basic equipment first, carefully exploring all the possibilities according to the niche you are targeting. In addition to the most important of the mandatory equipment –  camera, lens, tripod, for quality product images,  every novice photographer should have some additional accessories at hand.

A short list of selected accessories for product photography


Product photography accessories

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 The reflector is among the main tools in the props  of the product photographer.

It is designed to redirect and bring additional light to the stage. Through it  the light becomes softer  and approaches the natural one.

If you have never used a reflector before, it should be noted that there are different types that differ in shape and size, as well as  the functionality of their surface.  For example, the surface of some models has the ability to absorb some light, while in others the light bounces.

Let’s say you choose a  shiny, silver reflector . It will significantly illuminate light and shadows, while on the other hand, the white reflector will produce much  softer and finer light.

Gray card

Product photography accessories

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One of the most important indicators in product photography that needs to be monitored very carefully is the  white balance.

Every product photographer needs to know how to achieve the right white balance.

Why should you use a gray card? For proper adjustments, professionals often resort to the use of a gray or color card.  Gray is a neutral color  and therefore with the help of the gray card you can successfully adjust the white balance.

Extremely easy to use, yet effective.

Product photography accessories

How to work with a gray card?

Used only under controlled lighting.

Adjust the camera  to optimal exposure and focus. You take a test shot. Then go to the menu and select the white balance settings that every modern  DSLR  has.

In  custom , you select the frame you took. From now on, relying on the  set gray,  the camera automatically orients that at such exposure settings it is the gray color and  identifies the other colors  itself. Of course, this approach will not be particularly effective with variable settings and, conversely, will be particularly suitable for a long series of shots in an identical environment.

Focusing rail and macro rings

Product photography accessories

Two product photography accessories to  add more professionalism if you are a serious amateur photographer. 

For many of the product shots, you will need detailed images and emphasis on certain elements or macro shots of the products themselves. Professionals often use macro rings and a focusing rail to move much  closer to the subject and refine their position , concentrating the focus on the desired point / area. With  rings  you get the opportunity to focus on different parts of the subject or to focus on a smaller subject.

Their purpose is to move the focal plane of the lens away from the sensor. Several frames are taken, which are additionally collected with appropriate software for post-processing. This way  you get exceptional focus on the whole subject with a clear and clean image.  You will find macro rings of three in a set, each with a different length, providing different magnification levels accordingly. It is time to note that the rings can be used both as a set and individually, mounting them with a macro lens.


Product photography accessories

Product images  must be extremely sharp. In this regard, the stability of the camera is extremely important. A well-trained product photographer has both a tripod and a remote control to control the shutter of your camera and  ensure its stability.

Think about this when taking photos with  prolonged exposure.  The slightest shake or movement of the camera can jeopardize a potentially positive end result. That’s why it’s a good idea to add a remote to your set of  product photography accessories.

Take advantage of more freedom by choosing  wireless remote trigger.

Additional batteries

Get an extra battery . Always carry it with you and make sure it is charged. There is a possibility of getting into an awkward situation or all your hard work on stage going to waste  just because of insufficient electricity power.

The extra battery  is a very good solution as part of the accessories for product photography, especially if you are going to  conduct a photo session on site at the client  or in a natural environment, away from any possibility of recharging.

You have to keep in mind that  original batteries are more expensive.  Of course, today you can find many unknown brands at very affordable prices, but as often happens, cheaper replacements last much shorter. This can cost you a lot of nerves if you shoot food, cocktails or products with special  effects,  where  every second is especially valuable.

Product photography accessoriesExternal battery (Powerbank)

While we are still talking about energy, we hasten to mention the external battery.

High-speed charging, which requires  a USB connection , can save you a lot of trouble  if you’re in a more non-standard setting outside the studio.

Memory cards and external hard drive

More space. Another important point in  realizing product photography  is the storage of images. For long photo shoots you will definitely need a lot of space.  Files are usually large and natural,  the more you shoot, the more space you will need.

The external drive, on the other hand, is  a suitable accessory for beginner product photographers . It will give you some security, extra space and the ability to archive your photos. The portable external hard drive is the perfect accessory for product photography in case you travel or work outside with a laptop.

Cleaning consumables

Product photography accessories

Somehow quite ordinary,  microfiber towels are an extremely useful prop  from the set of accessories for product photography. You do not need lens cleaners. All you have to do is have  microfiber towels on hand,  which, in addition to being cheap, are also quite effective in cleaning stains, dust and  any annoying dirt  that would interfere with a good end result.

Cleaning the camera sensor is a delicate job.  If you are a beginner, it would be better to trust a specialist. But agree that  it won’t be very productive to waste so much time on each stain.

 Sensor magnifier,  exclusive helper, allowing you to clearly distinguish dust particles on the sensor and eliminate them as safely as possible. Another major accessory in the cleaning kit is a  static-charged brush that attracts dust particles and pulls them out of the sensor.

Still, keep one thing in mind with her. Be especially careful.

Maintaining the camera, lenses and filters  is an important part of every photographer’s job. In addition to saving time and money, you will certainly be able to offer much better quality product personnel. In the representative shops you can find  professional cleaning kit  with all the necessary consumables for the maintenance of your equipment.

Well, in short, this was  our list of product photography accessories  to add to your set of  basic equipment and to optimize your work.