How to recognize a good product photographer?
Как да разпознаем добрият продуктов фотограф?

Product photography is becoming more and more important these days, because in most cases appropriate photos mean sales. Moreover, in order for customers to be satisfied, information about online products must be reliable.

Visual content that meets expectations is a prerequisite for gaining trust and brand loyalty. Attractive images add individuality and value.

That’s why every start-up or growing online business needs professional product photography. This is an investment with a big advantage for the overall look and image of the business, as well as a great way to stand out from the competition.

Commercial photos are designed to promote products and should therefore be creative, incredibly detailed, show the product in its entirety and have the power to connect it with potential users.

A good product photographer has the skills, the necessary technique, knows how to emphasize the benefits of the product and make it stand out. So never underestimate the performance of your own product range.

Be responsible and hire a product photographer who will be able to take professional photos for your online store.

What do you need to know when considering the prospect of hiring a product photographer?

The whole process of choosing a good product photographer is complex because:

  • Depends on your activity
  • Depends on the type of product / products you offer.
  • Depends on your location
  • Depends on your approach and marketing strategy
  • Depends on the qualification of the photographer, his professional experience

That’s why it’s important to hire the right person. Especially if this is your first time.

You probably already know that with high quality visual content you have a chance to get visibility and raise awareness of your brand. Here’s why the commercial side of photos needs to be perfected.

Appropriate product images are a tool to help you attract customers and will directly stimulate sales. You will need several types of promotional photos that present the product, while corresponding to the corporate identity and will be useful for each part of the marketing mix.

Here are some examples –

A shot taken in a studio. Suitable for site and advertising.

How to recognize the good product photographer?


Shots made in specially selected places – external location. Present the product in a real environment.


How to recognize the good product photographer?


And outside

How to recognize the good product photographer?


Lifestyle images are suitable for website, social media, advertising.

Of course, this can be an expensive service . But come to think of it, unprofessional visualizations can ruin your entire business. On the other hand, investing in the right product photographer can take your business to the next level.

What skills and experience should you look for when choosing a product photographer?

Everyone has different skills and experience. For specialized product photography you need a person who knows the trends , has a sense of streamlining the composition, the ability to balance lighting with the identity of product. P product presentation revenue is key.

In this frame we see how the photographer designed and captured the perfect light, which creates all the magic on stage.

How to recognize the good product photographer?

Снимка: esteelauder

While in the following photos we come across important technical omissions and we can be categorical in our opinion that these are not professionally taken images.

In this case, the idea is original, but you can work on the composition, light and post production.

How to recognize the good product photographer?

Photo: togetherjournal

And this is a typical example of overcrowding on stage. There is a lack of overall harmony in stylization and arrangement. But still the frame has potential. It can be useful for promoting the product among users on social networks, as feedback from a satisfied owner of the specific product.

How to recognize the good product photographer?


Another very important indication to look out for when looking for a product photographer is equipment . The product photography specialist must have state-of-the-art equipment suitable for creating both high-quality still images and interactive images. dynamic ones.

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For example 360-degree rotating images . Rotation, high resolution, and scalability of products improve customers’ understanding of the product and influence their purchasing decisions.

Your future photographer needs to be precise. Yes control the entire preparation and shooting process. Monitor quality. To be good with the additional processing, post production and installations.

An expert will suggest ideas that capture the details of your product, highlight its features and functions, while creating consistency and will match images to business branding style.

In many cases, people are skeptical of the role of the photographer, but with the two examples below, we hope to disprove this skepticism.

How to recognize the good product photographer?


How to recognize the good product photographer?


How do you make sure this is the right photographer for your product photography?

Any business owner who has accepted the idea of ​​hiring a professional product photographer first he must understand his brand well, know the audience and be aware what and how many images he will need, how and where to use them.

He can then do research according to his needs and select several photo studios or freelance product photographers . To get acquainted in detail with their work so far. View completed projects.

Here are some guiding questions that may be helpful:

  • Do the photos stand out?
  • How do they work?
  • Do they resonate with an emotion?
  • Do they attract attention with something interesting or different?

You should consider whether the style you see matches the brand. Read reviews from previous customers. Emphasize opinions with similar products or from the same industry. View details related to technical equipment, availability of stylists and opportunities to shoot outside the studio. Choose several images as examples.

The portfolios of those candidates who interact with the brand’s settings, visions and needs will stand out.

Then you’re ready to move on to the next step – filling out a form and making an inquiry. Try to provide as detailed information as possible about the product images you will need. Specify the size of your product.

Some products require additional equipment or transport with specialized equipment. Give guidelines on the sizes, additional accessories that are included or the different types with which the main product will be grouped.

Please note that product photos on a white background vary in price from commercial, stylized images or those with personalized life scenes, with models included. If you are not aware of all the details, indicate that you need expert opinion and additional information.

The professionalism of a product photographer will be evident from the very beginning, with the first contact and communication addressed to you. Quick response and a detailed offer are always a plus. 

Compare prices between the different offers you receive. If there are large differences, find out the reason with additional calls. Pay special attention to the overall licensing of images, because if you do not have the necessary rights to product images you cannot use them for advertising purposes.

In case you have a limited schedule or a limited budget, notify the potential candidate in advance.

You can make an appointment. It will certainly benefit both parties. An experienced photographer will be interested in more details and features related to your products, vision and visions. The good professional will offer several preliminary photos before proceeding to the signing of the contract.

If this does not happen, you request test shots, necessarily from different angles, retouched and optimized for the right purposes. This way you will be sure that what they offer you meets your expectations and is in line with the aesthetic and creative vision. of your brand.

Consider with the professional and discuss together his innovative concepts, if any.

If necessary, anticipate and allocate more funds. Future sales, due to the success of choosing the right product photographer , are likely to return the investment.

When you sign a contract with your product photographer:

  • You need to be aware of the whole process.
  • Always specify the conditions in advance.
  • Specify in detail the deadlines, the number and type of frames, the price.
  • Ask if there is a possibility of additional charging and under what circumstances.
  • Find out when and how you will get the product images.