Финалният блясък при продуктовата фотография

Product photography is a complex process, with many stages . Careful examination of each of them – from start to finish – has a huge impact on the end result.

The first phase of the creative process begins with demanding research of the product itself , in-depth knowledge of the audience and the place where the product will be presented. It goes through the idea and overall concept of building an attractive product image.

The next steps continue with choosing the appropriate background and props. Product preparation. Shooting. Product image processing. And for the shots to be truly captivating, they will need a dose of brilliance.

Today, standout product photos are more important than anything else content because people prefer to see first before reading any description.

To steal the viewer’s attention, you must create a flawless product image . In the position of an image creator, the photographer must enter the user’s head and know basically what he is going to present. That’s why planning and preparation are so important.

How do I make product images shine?

To add the right amount of shine to your product images even before photos , during and after the photo shoot you can think about some of these key issues.

Ah, they in turn are:

  • What are the characteristics of the product? What are the best ways to highlight them?
  • What excites customers? How do you respond to them using the power of product photography?
  • What makes the product better or different from the competition? How to distinguish it?
  • Where and how is the product planned to be presented? What is the perfect environment for his presentation?

The importance of preparation

A clear idea of ​​how you want the product images to look is the basic motif for a perfect finish.

Usually the plan starts with the composition, because it is the key to creating a great image. The purpose of the composition is to direct the viewer’s gaze. And when it comes to drawing attention to specific areas of the frame, guide lines and intersections are one of the best ways for that.

Each element in the product frame has its place and role. It is necessary the objects to be selected correctly – by size, color and to correspond to the theme. Carefully planned stage style will ensure that your images create a visual representation of a lifestyle attractive to the ideal client.

Lighting, different angles, shapes and backgrounds are the strongest elements in product photography, to highlight the product or highlight details to impress viewers.

Final gloss in product photography

Снимка: creative-product-photography-siddharth-mkc

Final gloss in product photography

Снимка: creative-product-photography-siddharth-mkc

Final gloss in product photography

Снимка: creative-product-photography-siddharth-mkc

Final gloss in product photography

Снимка: creative-product-photography-siddharth-mkc

Often the small details are the link that turns out to be a key element in achieving flawless results. For example, successful photos of jewelry and stylish accessories are the result of the presentation of details that convey a sense of elegance and perfection.

Final gloss in product photography

Photo: anuradhaartjewellery.com

Final gloss in product photography

Photo: minervajewels.com

To make sure that the product in your images is the main character, try not to overdo the props. The props should naturally complement the product, fit into its history and match the brand concept.

For an example we will look a few shots of Mark Newton – advertising product photographer .

In connection with his work on a project for Ibiza Chilli Co, he shares the following –

According to the design, which focuses on the different hot peppers in each sauce, I take a mixture of funny and playful images using various hot peppers, as well as some more direct detailed photos that draw attention to the labels. “

Final gloss in product photography

Final gloss in product photography

Images: marknewtonphotography.co.uk

Final gloss in product photography

If you want to influence perceptions, feelings and moods or draw attention to certain elements, consider the colors you will include in the scene . Using contrasting, complementary, or matching colors in an image can be a particularly effective way to create emotion and engage interest.

Final gloss in product photography

Photo: againgoods.com

Before shooting don’t forget to prepare all the products to make them look in perfect condition. And although gaps and errors can be corrected with editing software, still thoroughly clean metal and porcelain surfaces.

Remove any dust and hairs. If you are going to shoot clothes, be sure to iron them flawlessly beforehand . Inspect and remove pulled threads or dangling threads.

Final gloss in product photography

Photo: dezemarqvm.com

Final shine in the product photo

Снимка: destinations

What to look for when shooting?

Arrangement, Proportions

See if the main product stands out and isn’t lost in the background or among elements in the frame. Check the layout and details of the scene and make sure the correct proportions, clear foreground and non-committal background. It’s important that the photo doesn’t look cluttered.

Frame sharpness

View the photos already taken on a larger scale and check the sharpness and focus of the product. Make sure you see what the camera sees, because sometimes a slight loss of sharpness is only visible when you enlarge the photo.

If in most of the shots you reveal the characteristics of the product, emphasizing the details , keep in mind that the sharpness in front of and behind the main object is crucial for successful close-ups.


Is the white balance adjusted? Are the colors balanced? Are there burnt areas or unwanted glare?

Keep in mind that light shadows will add depth to the product, but too strong can be distracting. Each additional adjustment subsequently takes time and has a price.

Examine each frame in detail before post-production. The goal of product photography is to make the product as detailed and informative as possible. Choose the best product images and make sure of the quality. You shouldn’t use photos that are grainy – pixelated, blurry, distorted, or with a lack of focus on basic details.

What to look for in post-production to add a finishing touch?

Image editing is an important step to add the ultimate brilliance and perfection to your product photography.

Here are some important guidelines:

  • Pay attention to the colors and their intensity. – Do not overdo the contrast. Always stick to the real colors and shades of the product.
  • If product details are lost in shadows, reveal them – The cameras are designed to capture details in bright areas, therefore, some shadow details will be underexposed. Lighten dark areas and balance the image.
  • If you notice any scratches, hairs or overexposed areas on the shiny parts or surface, try to remove them
  • If necessary slightly adjust the sharpness.
  • In the presence of distracting details in the image frame or in case you feel that you have not achieved the ideal proportion in the composition, cut carefully. Keep in mind that when you crop a RAW file, you have all the freedom to experiment with the composition without destroying the original quality. 

Take the time to optimize photos of your products to be sure in the best quality, with a reduced and manageable file size.