How to implement and realize the product photography?
Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?

With the development of digital technologies and the popularity of social networks, many of us explore and buy from the Internet. An essential prerequisite for today’s digital marketing, online commerce and advertisement solutions is to base their success on product photography.

Product photography involves mainly photographing objects. The images are adapted upon the creation of product websites, online stores, they are used by bloggers, advertising agencies and, of course in social media.
They are also used for advertisement in an offline format – for the creation of brochures, catalogues, menu, billboards, and so on.

Product photography uses some distinctive techniques and inventive approaches to demonstrate the products in a way that they can attract the attention of the potential buyer.

Ideally, filming a specific ecommerce object involves several shots of the product that are different images of it, as well as one or two accompanying frames presenting its application.

The approach of each product photographer is different, but some basic guidelines for implementation of product photography can be highlighted.

Imagination and creativity. Two very important features to give the product the desired identity and attractiveness.


The proper tools 

  • camera – DSLR, mirrorless (without a mirror), smartphone;
  • Stand/tripod;
  • Studio, premise, comfortable place to shoot if the photos will be taken indoors;
  • White background (cardboard, wall, white surface) or a lightbox – it is a box whose walls are made of paper or thin plastic, which helps to distribute the light evenly around the object;


Prerequisites and specifictechniques

  • – Sufficient and proper light
    Light is of paramount importance for product shots. It is even more important than the equipment.
    Typically, in product photography, depending on the concept, the experts choose between the natural light that enters through the window and studio light that includes additional flashes and lights.In both cases, a reflector can be added to the equipment, which will give the necessary softness of the light and will make it easier to be controlled.
  • – Qualitative composition of the object
    Incorrect and poorly designed composition can make the object boring and characterless. While the harmonically designed scene can create an instantaneous effect.
    A popular rule for an effective, dynamic composition is the „Rule of the thirds“.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?



It is of utmost importance to define and position the focus properly. Whether will be used additional accessories, models and objects, the key object must remain visible even when it is not in the main focus.

  • – Proper angle of shooting
    The details are of high priority. The visual presentation will orient the user. The creative use of different shooting angles can bring variety and sought after effect.
  • – Background materials and colors
    In modern times many psychologists and marketers have created specific techniques and combinations in order to influence the customers with the help of colors. Through the effect of colors on the perceptions of people, the photographer can capture the right emotions of the user.
  • – Focus on color trends. This will give you the advantage upon combining the colors and choosing a background.
    Diversify by incorporating additional textures, shapes and objects that will make the frame more movable.
  • – Editing the photos or retouching.
    After shooting, the photos are edited with the appropriate software. It helps to eliminate and correct some flaws, it enhances the colors and contrast, adds extra filters and gives sharpness to the image, etc.

Such software, for example, are:


 Creative approaches

Overall concept.

From the very beginning of the shooting process, the photographer must have built his strategy, selected all the elements, colors, additional arrangements, and thought about his approach, following the maximum that „the dead flower can not be revived“. Or in other words, there is no second chance.

Of course, we do not exclude surprises. Often unexpected successful results or unexpected disappointments.
Marcel Crist, one of the top product and advertisement photographers in the TopTeny Magazine, calls this „a controlled match“.

„His creative work is a result of his interest in the unpredictability and surprises of the elements he works with, but in a carefully controlled studio environment where everything moves, jumps and flies“.

Plan your next idea.


Avoid clichés

To be successful, such a project needs originality, uniqueness, unusual ideas. The photographer is an experimentalist and a discoverer. He has to overcome his own limits.
Experiment. Look for new perspectives.


Let’s tell a story

Here is the place for a virtuoso to focus on details, to select amazing shades, blend colors, to include a variety of shapes that tell a story in their combination and make the product stand out. To be noticed.



The main character in product photography is the impact.

For this reason, the photographer has the difficult task of putting himself in the place of the final consumer. He has to feel the product. Understand how all his decisions will affect consumer expectations.

Product photography is like a performance that leads to the respective reaction and is a direct reflection on the brand.


How to achieve the desired effect?

Look from a different point of view. Be flexible, easy and intriguing. Present your story masterfully.


6 ways to capture products for ecommerce or advertisement

Absolutely white background.

We choose to shoot the products on their own, on a white background.
With this we aim to attract the user’s attention to the product. There is nothing else to distract him. Such images are most commonly used in ecommerce, stock photography, and so on.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?

Photo by Andrew Draper on Unsplash


Lifestyle or images in the context.

The image tells a whole story, presenting a specific context. It shows the respective product in a natural environment, as well as its application to the customer.

Typically, the filming process takes place out of the studio.

The main intention is the photos to make an impression. By seeing them, people need to get an idea of how they would use this product and what benefits it would bring if they buy it.

For the filming of such type of images, you can choose a place outside, as well you can add accessories that make the product complete or you can create a scene with the product, or include a human element – a model.

Let your picture tell a story. By creating a fuller experience for people, you can awaken an emotion in them that will connect the product more personally with the customer.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?


If a studio is chosen for the photos, for a bigger impression, professional photographers recommend the Bokeh background (defocused blushers) – a specific blur effect, defocus and a play with bright flashes in the background of the image.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?

Photo by Alphacolor on Unsplash


Detailed photographing

Close view. By approaching the product we will achieve more details and emphasize specific features. Filming the object from all angles allows the user to study the product in details. Detailed photographing is a basic technique that greatly fills the lack of physical contact.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?



Large-scale photographing.

We create a sense of size and scale. We emphasize the real size of the product by adding another object. This gives the viewer a starting point and allows him to have an idea about the real size of the product.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?



Group photographing

Appropriate styling to present a product group together, for example, dishes from the main menu of a restaurant, cosmetic series or a seasonal fashion collection.

A group product image reveals diversity and connection between several products.

The possible color variations and varieties of the particular product or additional accessories with which it can be used are presented.

Photographers rely on different techniques. They capture the product from all sides, changing the depth of focus, creating symmetrical and dynamic scenes, interpreting proportions, and so on.

The ultimate effect – revealing variety that stimulates.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?



Photographing the package

Packaging is the completion of a product. The face of the brand. The beautiful photo of a package is the formula for a future sale that every online trader needs.

And photographers know that if the surface causes light scattering, then the main character of the scene will not be shining under the spotlights. By emphasizing the packaging, we create an interest and desire of the public to take a closer look.

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?

If you decide to explore the mystery of product photography, be patient. All this work is worthwhile for your portfolio to shine and impress.