Types of product photography
Видове продуктова фотография

„Today, when I look at more successful brands, the first thing that comes to my mind is the clear identity – basically, they all tell a story. So it is crucial to find the right visual narrative, because we no longer just buy products, we are looking for connections“

Patrick Laroque



Photography is part of every creative strategy of business, brands and companies trading with products. If before, they all relied on images mainly for offline advertisement – catalogues, brochures, magazines, billboards, the photography today is literally everywhere.

To realize and effectively present their products, many companies invest a lot of resources and hire creative teams. Product photography is the ultimate source through which they can be attractive and sought after, constantly connecting with users, and reaching their goals.
The main purpose of product photography is capturing objects.

 If you want to make sure that you will impress and influence your audience, then you need to be familiar with the types of product photography and to know the way of capturing.

Depending on the object of photography, the product photography has numerous branches, the most popular of which are: 

  • Product photography for online trade
  • Product photography for clothes
  • Product photography for jewelry
  • Product photography for food
  • Product photography for cosmetics
  • Product photography for furniture
  • Product photography for fashion

Depending on the photographing style, we distinguish the following styles:

  • Product photography of an individual product (capturing on a white background)
  • Product photography in close-up
  • Product photography for large-scale capture
  • Product photography for group capture
  • Lifestyle product photography
  • Product photography 360°
  • Product photography of packaging
  • Studio product photography

All styles have their own specific features, characteristics and tricks.

In many cases, the individual photographing styles are combined. This provides a wider range of action and flexibility. Looking through the prism of marketing, combination of different styles is an essential idea and profitable strategy. The more diversely a product is presented, the more the relationship with the customer deepens. And this, in turn, builds trust in the product and brand.

Photographing on a white background is perhaps the most common method seen on product sites and e-commerce. According to the experts, white background is the most fine and neutral color, which means that photos captured on a white background can bring the attention to the most valuable qualities of your product. Typically, the object is photographed on its own. The main idea is to highlight it without any additional elements that would divert attention from it.

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo: https://junebugweddings.com

Close-up photographing is aimed at highlighting a particular detail or a feature of the product, such as a texture or an element. Often, this type of pictures are attached to packaging images, demonstrating the contents of the package.

Let’s take for example, a garment. The detailed image can give a clearer idea of the fabric, way of buttoning, emphasizing the brand, etc. combining detailed photographing with detailed angles would illustrate unique aspects in the presentation of the product.

Large-scale images, have a significant, positive impact on the ability of the users to evaluate the product. This makes it easier for them to get an idea of the actual size of the object.

When you plan a large-scale photographing, you should consider how the product will be used.

For products to be worn directly by the users, the object should be presented on a human model. Accordingly, if the product is to be used in a specific environment it is good to be demonstrated in it.


Видове продуктова фотография

Photo: https://thebeautifulnomad.com


The composition of group photos is intended to reveal diversity.

If your products are available in different colors and styles, they should be displayed. Another aspect of group photography is to make the user aware of the availability of additional accessories that are included in the set together with the main product.

It also presents collections of cosmetics, kitchen utensils, clothes, and so on. The essential thing in this photographic style is that all elements are shot together.


Видове продуктова фотография

Photo:  http://www.stckmn.com

Lifestyle photography directly communicates with the customer and shows him the situations in which he can use the product. It presents the product in a real environment. Typically, the image tells a whole story, it carries a message in a specific context. By seeing such an image, the customer needs to identify with the product, and to gain insight into what benefits he/she will gain if he/she owns this product.

To enhance the attractiveness of the product, an important approach is to include people expressing a specific emotion – pleasure, happiness and gathering.


Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is suitable for shooting products that can be consumed or worn – clothes, accessories, devices, sports equipment, and so on.

Lifestyle photography can be divided into several additional sub-styles.


Reference photography

In this type of photography, elements that fit into the interior are usually captured, as they are positioned next to objects that are common in everyday life. For example, bathroom accessories.

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo: http://www.instagram.com


Reference/horizontal – captured from above.

The specific elements tell a story. If objects are captured for commercial purposes, for example, dishes and cutlery, they are arranged on a table and captured from above.

Both sub-styles are popular in the social platforms, especially in Instagram and Pinterest.

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo:  www.pier1.com


Heroic images

This type of photos present the products in a real environment and demonstrate their application. They are preferred for sports goods, sportswear, shoes, camping equipment and accessories such as watches. Models are using or wearing the product in the natural environment – they climb the mountain, go skiing, climb a wall or are at the gym. This is a way to show the target audience what to do and how to do it.

The main advantage of these images is that they are suitable for the social media and mostly for landing pages. They focus on the atmosphere rather than just on details and make a specific message. One of the most powerful marketing techniques.

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo:  http://aqueousoutdoors.com/



 Inforgraphics are a good way to attract attention and introduce the customer to details about the product. What is infographics? Image of the product to which a short text is added, usually placed in a geometric shape with the help of a specialized software or application, and the indicative arrows point to information that is useful for the customer. The companies often include a brief description. In this way, the user obtains specific information with only one picture, and he does not have to read extra features in the text description.

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo:  http://www.stckmn.com


Product photography 360°

Видове продуктова фотография

Photo: https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk

roduct photography 360° is one of the most modern techniques demonstrating the product on all sides. The images are three-dimensional and real. The special thing about this type of product photography is that a series of frames are made a specific intervals of several degrees. The product is placed on a special rotating stand. With the help of an additional software, the pictures are combined into a single shot that spins at 360°.

All these styles, however, show only a product.

A major goal in marketing and branding is to link the product with the customer. In this sense, if you present your product interactively, but you want the client to recognize it outside the virtual space, the most meaningful thing you can do is demonstrate the packaging. The product in its complete and finished form.

The photographer aims to ensure that the colors, shape and labelling of products are clear and fit with reality.

Видове продуктова фотография



The process of capturing images in the studio photography takes place in studio conditions

What does this mean? The studios have a wide range of photographic equipment, including the necessary shooting equipment, a variety of backgrounds, specialized stands to fix products on, a set of lighting equipment, as well as additional accessories for light control.

The products are shot on a suitable background and with controlled lighting. Each product photographer also has its own tricks to make your product more impressive than the product of your competitor.

To improve the features of your product and focus the attention on the advantages, and reassure the buyers in its quality, do not hesitate to combine and mix styles.
The image of a product has to be clear and eye-catching.
Experiment, tell stories, and do not forget to look through the eyes of the potential buyer.