Product photos of bathroom furniture
Продуктови снимки на мебели за баня

Product photos of bathroom furniture

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The trends in interior design today do not pass the bathrooms. The success of the innovations in the choice of design solutions for furnishing bathrooms is strongly linked to the visual presentation of furniture, accessories and interior.

To meet the needs of their customers, bathroom furniture manufacturers need realistic and eye-catching images that highlight products, reflect their functionality and design, and impress.

Where can we find product photos of bathroom furniture?

In catalogs, product brochures, online stores, websites, advertising and social media. Of course, each of these niches has specific subtleties for capturing and presenting the range. What they have in common, however, is that the realization of product photos of bathroom furniture takes time, requires a lot of practice, patience and knowledge.

In this regard, anyone undertaking such a task will have to master a few basic skills to avoid possible difficulties, such as reflective surfaces, narrow and uncomfortable spaces, inadequate or limited lighting, and a lack of opportunities for more eccentric angles.

If the product photos of bathroom furniture are intended for online sale you will need photos on a white background, detailed, large-scale, contextual shots and those with 360-degree view Do not forget to take shots from different angles. An option that will surely satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

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Interior photography of bathroom furniture more often fills the need for product images for catalogs, brochures and contextual photos. Photo sessions are usually done on site in a furnished bathroom or in a studio corner specially decorated and arranged for the occasion.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

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On the other hand, with the development of digital technologies, some of the major manufacturers prefer combining CGI image and photography to:

  • create engaging, photorealistic 3D experiences
  • to save resources and time for photo sessions of a large and diverse range.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

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How to shoot bathroom furniture as a professional?

Dealing with glare and reflections.

The most common cause of glare and reflections are the surfaces themselves, the mirrors, as well as the presence of strong sunlight invading from the windows of the room. To soften and avoid these imperfections, you can use a thin sheet of white paper, play different possible angles, and if you choose to shoot with a flash, point it at the ceiling instead of the center of the frame.

Thus, the chance of light scattering instead of concentrating at a given point is much higher. When it comes to studio photos, it will be crucial to experiment with dimming to improve image quality.

When shooting interiors you should know that your options are limited. Be prepared to face a diverse mix of conditions that will influence the choice of lighting. On the one hand, some bathrooms can literally be flooded with natural light.

Such spaces are usually the easiest to shoot because you will have enough suitable light. On the other hand, however, you will find that other bathrooms are quite dark.

They have only artificial lighting. To get adequate exposure you will need more light, ie all available lights, a wider aperture and a higher number of ISOs.

Another thing you should not miss – your own reflection in a mirror or other glossy surface. Make sure you do not capture your reflection or other silhouettes in the frame.

Finding the right angle

As the most effective and proven compositional solution in narrow, closed space, an angle is applied, which corresponds to the level of the eyes. This is also the location from which the potential consumer would get a real idea.

After all, every rule has its exceptions, so more creative product photographers take advantage of the setting to create a different presentation with a more effective impact. For example, they focus on specific details of the specific object, such as taps, drawers, emphasizing functionality.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

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It is especially important to pay attention to the height of the tripod. Any change can cause a sharp angle or distortion. And this should certainly not be present in your portfolio. Experiment with different heights. A slightly lower level can accentuate the countertop or other piece of furniture.

Backgrounds and accessories

The captivating product shots of bathroom furniture often owe their success to a bold contrast to the surrounding neutral backgrounds.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

The context can be the winning trump card for your interior frame. But in a bathroom, most items can hardly be moved because they are actually permanently mounted parts. So be sure to add some accessories and well-chosen props for the stage.

Product photos of bathroom furniture

One of the tricks in choosing and arranging props is to use an odd number of elements. Small and lonely looking objects would not create the expected result. So try to avoid them.

Try to take a picture of the space in advance, so you can determine if you need to import color elements or additional accessories to highlight the main subject.

Camera settings

One of the best camera settings for product photos of bathroom furniture is the long exposure, which will overcome bad lighting. However, keep in mind that if you shoot in a bathroom with bright colors, such as white or other neutral tones, you can shorten the length of the exposure to prevent burnt areas in the image.

Some of the tricks that PhotoPro uses

Exposure bracketing

The lighting in product photography is always guiding. And, as we have already established, in most cases the bathrooms do not offer adequate conditions for photos. In order to meet the challenges in this direction, often professional photographers apply the so-called exposure bracketing. What is needed for this technique?

Make multiple exposures – Several identical shots, each with a different exposure. For example, one photo has appropriate settings, another is overexposed, and a third is underexposed. Combining them you will get a well-exposed image.


You may have already guessed that when shooting bathroom furniture a tripod is a must. The surest way to stabilize the camera and provide straight lines.

Always carry a remote with it, as FotoPro does. One of the main rules in interior photography in general is to release the shutter with a remote shutter. This ensures clear images.


For a narrow interior space, such as a bathroom, most experienced photographers will advise you to use a wide-angle lens. A great choice would be someone with a focal length in the range of 14-24 mm or 12-24 mm. Only then will you cover everything you need. It is worth noting that ultra-wide focal lengths have one drawback – they can significantly distort the perspective, which is especially unsuitable for interior photography.

Staff position

A professional always takes a few vertical and a few horizontal photos Today, most people browse online products from their mobile devices where vertical shots would be more appropriate. The horizontal ones are more in line with the design layout of most websites. Having the ability to combine vertical and horizontal frames will be an advantage for advertising as well.

Corners and details

Professionals know that they need to honor their work. To improve the attractiveness of the product, they often take the time to find something different, such as:

  • some good angles,
  • fine colors,
  • focus on interesting details,
  • shape the stage with appropriate props.

Product photos of bathroom furniture


Try using some of these tricks in one of your next projects and see for yourself how much better your product shots look.