How do I improve product page conversions?
Как да подобрите реализациите на продуктови страници?

Today, consumers shop regularly from e-commerce sites and create new ones revenue streams. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, with total revenue in Europe in 2021. are estimated at 396 billion euros.

This is why online business presence or the use of digital tools for Creating spaces to present a brand is a vital necessity.

To be successful, you need to be aware of the role of product pages:

  • Product pages are the link between you and your potential new customers
  • Product pages are a tool to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Product pages offer real added value, stimulate awareness, commitment and trust in the product
  • Product pages sell the product

Online shoppers expect strong visual content. Getting to your website, online shop or blog you have to offer them attractive images of the products or services they are looking for.

To improve the conversion of your product pages and encourage users to make a purchase you need to convince your visitors that this is the item that meets their needs.

Images are the first impression of a potential customer. In fact, it only takes a few seconds for visitors to the online store to form an opinion about what they see. . These few seconds are critical to a successful sale or failure. It depends on how you present yourself.

Investing in product photography is a good start to show off the flawless appearance of your products. In addition, if everything is done correctly and you manage to extract the essence of the essence of your products, there is no doubt that product photography will become a lucrative tool, in the long run.

How does product content improve product page conversions?

Product images correspond directly to your target audience , making your product page and content visible and easily recognizable. Therefore, these images should present the product in its best light.

About 93% of users , photos are the key to making purchasing decisions.

This is why the visitor experience should be remarkable and satisfying. This will allow you to keep interest and provoke them to come back again.

Keep in mind that you will only have a few shots for this difficult task. They need to present the product, reveal its most important features and functionalities, tell a story, highlight its benefits and convince the consumer that this is exactly the product they are looking for.

Due to the different specifics of each product, not all solutions to build an impressive product experience

For example, you need to present a pair of hiking boots. In addition to the necessary shots on a white background and from any angle, it will be very appropriate to include lifestyle shots taken somewhere outside in a real environment. Adding video will increase engagement and raise awareness.

How to improve product page conversions?


But let’s say your product is lipstick. Here the approach must be different. For more attractive visual content, show the texture, the colors. Bet on the components. Indicate the benefits.

For example, the next frame presents a lipstick that has all-natural ingredients.

How to improve product page conversions?


The idea is set. We cannot deny that there is something to work on in connection with the technical implementation. It is missing, exactly the magic that attracts in the first moment. And this can be a critical flaw for conversions, despite a good product.

To make it clearer, we will add two more professional shots, which support the thesis of how significant is the captivating visual presentation of the product.

How to improve product page conversions?


Как да подобрите реализациите на продуктови страници?


Before us is the harmonious – the result of choosing the appropriate background, appropriate composition, carefully chosen shooting angle and complementary elements.

Thoughtful selection of different image categories can help create a tangible visitor experience on your product pages.

Here’s how Philips presents its AirFryer XXL

How to improve product page conversions?

These two images on a white background show us the device and what can be achieved with it. The consistent contextual images that follow add some different aspects and visual elements to the main product.

From them, we manage to get an idea of ​​how easy it is to work with the device, what are the possibilities of its application. We understand how easy it is to maintain and how easy it is to navigate.

All this helps us visualize what the product will look like in a real situation. It also generates specific emotions. It makes us identify with him.

Therefore improves our shopping experience and is a factor in increasing conversions . And most importantly, we get all this information before we read any textual content.

How to improve product page conversions?

Make the product even more realistic and give a boost to the user experience by adding a 360 ° view to your product pages.

How to improve product page conversions?

Rancourt & amp; Co

Do not forget to clearly and accurately present the products in each color. The user should be able to view all variations of the specific product. To attract visitors and buyers for more conversions, add to the product combinations.

In the especially colorful site of we find consistency in everything. In addition to great contextual photos and short videos to the clothes, they combine products that are part of collections, to prompt the visitor, that there are other exciting articles that may be of interest to him.

Here’s an example of how a simple hair elastic, from the “Accessories” section, takes us to a big plush towel for beach and picnic, to a set of wine glasses and a pair of jute sandals.

How to improve product page conversions?

In the product pages of the online store each of the products is presented in its entirety, Focus and finer detail to see quality and textures up close.

Different models (mannequins) show us the same garment in all its aspects, which certainly provides consistent user experience, adds value and can meet the expectations of more users.

How to improve product page conversions?

Some products on the market today are quite understandable and for them it is enough to consider the most appropriate set of shots and scenes.  But how would you present a modern smart product so as to improve the conversion of product pages?

Take the current robot vacuum cleaners as an example.

How to improve product page conversions?

Record a video. Through it visitors will gain real impressions . But to make it clearer and more understandable for a larger audience, add infographics and short texts to each product image. Be sure to include lifestyle and contextual shots.

How to improve product page conversions?

One of the most current trends to emphasize the features of a particular product is the inclusion of “Hot spots”. Actually, the “hot spot” is a small button.

When a visitor clicks on it, a new photo or short animation opens. The perfect way to bring out the details that make the product stand out and everything that has the potential to attract the interest of buyers.

If you want your product content to improve the conversion of your product pages, optimization is needed.

More and more visits and orders in online stores are made via mobile devices. When visitors have full access, they will be able to get the most out of what they see or make additional purchases.

Mandatory site or online store configuration for all mobile devices

For content to be interactive, quality, high resolution and image size are key indicators.

Zoom or full screen feature is needed

This is a sure way to increase conversions and sales. SEO optimized product pages in turn increase brand visibility on the Internet. This requires

Optimize SEO Product Images

It is extremely important to set the title of the product images correctly. So always separate the individual words with a hyphen “-” and use lowercase letters. This allows images to rank better in search engines, which is a prerequisite for greater visibility and traffic to the online store.

Always look for consistency in your product pages. So that they don’t look cluttered and cluttered, choose your images carefully. Make it as easy as possible for customers by making it easier for them to identify themselves with what they are looking for.