Може ли да се използва екшън камера за продуктова фотография?

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for the most suitable camera for product photography and have to take into account many characteristics. In fact, the purpose of product photography is simple – to make those shots that will sell. But is implementation so easy? Alas, things are not so simple.

When it comes to shooting products product frames designed for an online store they are most often filmed in a studio. For those in context or lifestyle who demonstrate functionality, application, and show the viewer how the product would fit into their daily lives, photographers select appropriate scenes outside as well.

However, achieving dynamic and interesting photos presenting the products in a real environment can be a challenge. For example, if you sell sporting goods such as canoe, snowboard, surf, mountain bikes, climbing equipment, clothing and accessories to all of them you need live, action shots to add value to your products .

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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Users will find it much more interesting to see someone climbing rocks, surfing, snowboarding or canoeing. the rapids of the river.

Može I use an action camera for product photography?

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Bring your product to life. Show users its true world. In this way, you will not only demonstrate the main purpose of the product, but you will also impact the audience by creating an emotional experience.

Today, landing page visitors are looking for instant gratification, not just white background photos, 360-degree rotation, or digital modifications. And the best way to increase your online sales is by demonstrating the product in a natural environment and on the go.

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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To capture this type of footage requires not only skills, requires expensive equipment and experience. Extreme experience conditions, on the other hand, do not always allow the photographer to capture the exact moment or do not allow him to be at risk. with all this equipment. It is in such situations that the action camera fits best.

What is an action camera?

The action camera is a compact, fairly comfortable digital camera with a wide-angle lens. The name itself points to its purpose – dynamics, movement, action.

Suitable for:

  • capture activities outdoors, on the go or at high speeds.
  • allows the realization of spectacular photos from unusual points of view at the time of the action.

How does it work and where does it apply?

Nowadays action cameras are quite powerful and can record high quality videos as well as take stunning photos in any type of dynamic environment. Impressive, fast mountain snowboarding. Captivating moments of surfers gliding through huge waves.

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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Breathtaking panoramic views while climbing or touring a mountain bike.

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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The action camera is a very attractive and favorite accessory for adventure photography. If you ask paragliders, surfers, snowboarders or motorcyclists, they will tell you that the action camera is super comfortable because of its mobility, its small format, durability and all those non-standard points of view that they would be happy to take advantage of to create exciting shots.

Due to the smaller size and lower weight compared to a normal camera, most action cameras can be mounted almost anywhere – to helmets, to the handle of a motorcycle, to a surfboard, to a fishing rod, to a hand, or to be attached to a live recording tripod.

In the world of vloggers action cameras are valued for their ability to make great videos. Almost all action cameras support 4K video recording. A high-end action camera can record 4K with speeds of up to 60 frames per second, which means playing extremely clear and clear videos.

And the new GoPro Hero 9 Black is even more powerful. One of the few that can capture 5K video thanks to a new 23.MP sensor and which has the ability to capture excellent detail.

Može I use an action camera for product photography?

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Of course, the invaluable advantage of action cameras is the viewer’s ability to get into the photographer’s perspective. Exactly the magic through which to look through the eyes of the hero. To be in the center of the action, in the action, which will give him a sense of reality and instantly arouse many emotions.

Unlike other cameras, action cameras have additional layers of lens and body protection. The sturdy and waterproof case allows the action camera to withstand extreme conditions.

Because users typically move, jump, and climb when shooting with an action camera, the camera must be shake-resistant.  That’s why manufacturers design their models with excellent image and video stabilization, which, come to think of it is much harder to achieve with DSLRs. 

And if we make a comparative feature, then compared to a DSLR, the action camera is much smaller and lighter, which makes it especially mobile and easily portable.

Can an action camera be used for product photography and why?

In general, product photography in its traditional form assumes a high-resolution camera, with specially selected lenses, manual focus adjustment and a suitable environment to allow lighting control, such as a studio. And here the question arises how suitable is the action camera in product photography and for what?

Let’s say you’re a fishing tackle dealer. Your online store and website certainly already have standard product images and visual content, that delivers enough detailed information to users.
But if you want to be up-to-date and attract more interest you can enhance all this by capturing real fishing moments with some equipment or adding video. If you do, you can get great shots to get users to experience the moment and look for products that you have enabled.

Može I use an action camera for product photography?

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The heavy DSLR camera and optional equipment are bulky and uncomfortable for extreme photos. They are difficult to carry and cannot be moved easily.

Improving stabilization without a tripod or other equipment makes settings difficult to operate. And even if the DSLR camera offers superb video modes, it can hardly be compared to the capabilities of the action camera in such an environment.

In the end, it all depends on what you want to capture. It is important to be aware that the action sells, and the action camera is extremely convenient for epic shots in which to demonstrate the product in movement, to present the accessories to it and at the same time to make the viewer merge with the setting.

This will definitely get his attention and make him wonder what the emotion would be if he was in this place right now, right in this environment, with this product or with this equipment.

 Can an action camera be used for product photography?

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This category of product images fits extremely well on social media and would certainly increase the interest of the audience.

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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When you need to shoot a product underwater and you don’t have enough budget for a suitable camera with a diving case or a special aquarium you can invest in an action camera.

Another thing we must mention when it comes to action cameras is that they come with ultra wide-angle lenses such as “Fish- Eye “/ fisheye, which is not particularly suitable for still product photography.

There are times when wide-angle lenses are an advantage, but for most situations this lens would simply contribute to the appearance of optical distortion. Such a perspective is most effectively used in landscape scenes when you want to emphasize the atmosphere and application environment of your product. If you offer camping equipment, for example.

Може I use an action camera for product photography?

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It is worth considering other shortcomings of action cameras, which are in contrast to product photography, like its very small lens, for example. In this respect the action camera would be difficult to compete with a full-frame DSLR with a suitable lens to it.
In product photography the flexibility of working with the aperture and its control give it a key role for visual effects . Action cameras, on the other hand, still don’t offer this convenience, and few of them allow adequate manual sensitivity settings. So if you want a blur effect or bokeh effect in your product images, the action camera doesn’t is a solution.

In conclusion, we can summarize that a good action camera offers a variety of features to help you complement the visual content of your product portfolio. Dynamic images and exciting videos will certainly affect the interest of users , which can accumulate a new audience, respectively, increase your rating and sales.