Why investing in product photography will help your business
Защо инвестицията в продуктова фотография ще помогне на бизнеса ви?

The use of the Internet, mobile applications and social media has become an integral part of many people’s daily lives. According to statistics 4.54 billion people are active Internet users , which covers about 59% of the world’s population  (Statista, 2020a ) .

The same technological and social innovations helped change consumer behavior, which had a direct impact on how we interact and use online commerce to make decisions and shop online. 

Why a good investment in product photography will make a profit?

We all have to search for something online and the moment we open the search results we find ourselves in a website or online store. When the pages load, we may see a boring online store or, conversely, our attention be drawn to an attractive product demo.

This is the essential contrast that professional product photos or videos can make for an online business.

Having high quality images can help your business like:

  • Increase visibility
  • Emphasizes the value of the company
  • Increase the attractiveness of products
  • Influences user behavior
  • Promote Sales
  • Build trust
  • Increase the brand’s presence on social media
  • Attract new users
  • Give an edge over competitors

Online business owners should not underestimate the power of product images . Online users rely on photos because they can’t physically engage with the products.

There is no way to touch them to feel their material, texture or weight. Of course, they can neither smell them, nor taste or taste them. The only way to look at them in as much detail as possible and make sure of their value is through images.

Good product photography can increase conversion rates by 30%.

Investing in high-quality product photography is vital to any business that aims to is to establish its brand among the first in the visually dominant online world and at the same time be profitable.

The main direction of e-commerce is to attract the attention of potential consumers and turn them into real customers.

So, let’s talk a little bit about SEO . The fact is that Google and other popular search engines give priority to image websites. In other words, the presence of visual product content improves the performance of your site and increases its visibility. When people are looking for products or services, photos are often their main guide to the sea of ​​results.

To illustrate this, we will search Google for “yellow shoes”

Why invest in will product photography help your business?

After the advertising results, product images appear. The tags in the lower left corner of most photos show that the image is part of a product catalog – e-shop and each such photo leads users to one.

The better your product pages are visible in search results, the more likely you are to attract attention as well as customers to your business.

60% of users say they are more likely to consider or connect with a business that has an image that appears in local search results.

Believe it or not, believe it or not, many companies generate a significant amount of traffic to their website through Google image search.

Should you invest in product photography?

If you wish to:

  • Selling through e-commerce channels
  • Want to increase your sales
  • You need high quality images of all your products
  • You do not have the necessary equipment for product photography and you do not have a specialized creative department

If this describes your business and you answered “YES”, then you should definitely consider such an investment.

If you have already decided to invest in quality product images, you will have some of the following options:

  • Invest in appropriate equipment, automated software and hire a person or team to deal with it.
  • Hire a professional photographer (freelance or full-service studio).

Of course, your choice will depend on many factors. If you are an online start-up

it will be best for you to hire specialists before dive in to visualize your products yourself so you don’t sink before you surface.

The type of business is another key indicator in choosing an investment in product photography . If you are a craftsman, you can take advantage of the many opportunities offered by modern online trading platforms, such as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon and so called

The volume of the assortment is the other essential feature. Let’s assume that you offer only a few products and your range is constant.

Why invest in will product photography help your business?

(three main product groups with no more than 20 items in total)

Then your investment in product photography will be one-time or at least until now in which you do not complete your range.

But if your product range is constantly expanding and your business is growing, you will have to choose between two scenarios – to constantly invest in a professional photographer or to invest in your own creative department to take care of the product photography of your brand (s).

Why invest in will product photography help your business?

(Dozens of brands with diverse products and their own creative teams)

One of the purposes of product photography is to inform, persuade and remind people of your product or business.

Nowadays any business can benefit from social media activity. And visual content is the most important part of influencing your audience .

Quality and captivating product content will have 44% more likely to be shared.

The money you will save from this, instead of investing in advertising and the money you will receive from the increase in sales due to organic social sharing should be a solid argument in support the investment in product photography and set a budget in your business plan for this purpose.

When you invest in product photography you are actually investing in increasing sales because product images have the power to sell on their own. Beautiful photos, many angles and a better e-shop experience attract more customers who will be more willing to buy.

On the other hand, demonstrating to clients professionalism and diligence to give them the best possible experience you will set the tone for your entire business. Trust always raises the rating.

What will be the possible investment and what determines it?

You should be aware that there is no specific answer to this question, but we will try to give some guidelines.

Usually professional photographers have the necessary knowledge of the segment in which your business and have specialized equipment to highlight the best features and elements of your products.

The cost of product photography varies depending on the following.

Product type (size, complexity, variety, set, etc.)

If your products are large, you will need extra effort and technique.

Why invest in will product photography help your business?

Photo: limitlesswalls

And in case they are small or with highly reflective surfaces will take more time to shoot.

Why invest in will product photography help your business?

Photo: worldatlas

Number of products and number of shots to be taken

Why Will investing in product photography help your business?

Photo: reliancedigital

Keep in mind that for group orders, professionals usually offer a discount.

Style, shooting style, purpose

Here it is a question of whether the images will be static or dynamic, whether they will be only on a white background or will tell a story, whether they will be shot in a studio or an exported photograph will be required.

Also whether they will be designed for an online store, for advertising or for social networks, whether a model will be engaged, whether the images will need additional processing and others.

 Why invest in product photography will help your business?

Why Will investing in product photography help your business?

https: // www .scaramangashop.co.uk /

You will find a variety price lists, partly due to differences in what is included in the base price, some additional fees, etc.

Here’s an example of how product photography services are charged.

PhotoPro  offers professional photographic services in the field of product photography. The studio works with a professional team of photographers, retouchers and stylists.


UP TO 10 FRAMES 11 – 30 FRAMES 31 – 50 FRAME 51 – 100 FRAMES 101 – 300 FRAME 301 – 500 FRAMES 501+ FRAME
Photos of accessories, bags and shoes on a white background BGN 8.75 BGN 7.65 BGN 7.10 BGN 6.45 BGN 5.35 BGN 4.55 BGN 3.75
Photos of clothes on a hard surface or a standard mannequin BGN 9.65 BGN 8.75 BGN 7.75 BGN 7.05 BGN 6.05 BGN 5.15 BGN 3.95
Photos of clothes with an invisible mannequin or hanger BGN 10.95 BGN 10.05 BGN 8.65 BGN 8.05 BGN 6.85 BGN 6.55 BGN 5.75
Products with highly reflective or transparent surface BGN 22.25 BGN 20.05 BGN 18.15 BGN 15.45 BGN 13.35 BGN 10.35 BGN 7.75
Advertising photos and photos for social networks BGN 36.95 BGN 33.95 BGN 29.95 BGN 26.95 25.95 in. BGN 22.95 BGN 21.95
Processing png png format on transparent background (to the price per frame) BGN 3.90 BGN 3.50 BGN 3.00 BGN 2.70 BGN 2.40 BGN 2.10 BGN 1.80


Product preparation, lighting, camera, retouching, photographer + assistant + retoucher 220 BGN shooting day up to 4 hours BGN 50 per hour (for every next fourth hour)
Hire a model (with a face) 150 – 400 lv. 250 – 600 lv.
Hire a model (without a face) 120 – 150 lv. 200 – 300 lv.
Makeup for a mannequin BGN 70
Stylist BGN 190 270 BGN