Why can’t we shoot products at home?
Защо не можем да снимаме продукти у дома?

It turns out that in the world of e-commerce,  quality product photography is the dominant asset  and choosing a professional product photographer over the opportunity to do everything yourself is an important point.

In case you decide  to start shooting your own products,  the first thing you will encounter is investing in appropriate machinery and equipment. Suppose you  invest and provide a relatively good technique,  the probability of failing to get the images you need is quite high.

This is due to the fact that not only  the availability of machinery and equipment make the photo profitable.  It takes years of practice, technical knowledge, skills to work with specialized software and, of course, flair.

If you have a hobby you want to  promote on social media , you can find useful tips on the necessary equipment, styling ideas and some  important rules for product photography on the Internet.  If, however, you want to develop your brand or the goal is business You will need much more to move to another level.

Today, professional product photography services can provide meaningful and meaningful images, a variety of multimedia capabilities, video visualizations to  design the product’s image, demonstrate its uniqueness  and emphasize its identity.

If you still think the do-it-yourself approach to capturing products is the fastest way to get photos for your website or e-shop  we’ll try to convince you why you need an expert.

Here are some basic problems and disadvantages you would face if shooting at home

Image quality

In today’s digital world, most people have smartphones with advanced cameras and  use high-end SLRs or mirrorless cameras . At first glance, the images they can get will be of good quality and would work, but is that enough?

In the interactive space,  customers want high quality photos visualizing the products.  This allows them to get an idea of ​​the important features of the product, such as color, texture, material, size, specific details. They want to  see the product from different angles, in different combinations with accessories , as well as its application in a natural environment.

Experts in product photography  have a rich arsenal of equipment and different lenses,  which allows them to be flexible. They usually use full-frame cameras and quality lighting, which controls the entire work process and achieves the best results.

Here are two examples that clearly show significant  differences between professional product photography and photos of home-made products.

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: Еtsy

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: agy-diamonds

Which of the two rings looks more attractive?

It’s important to note that in both examples, users have the ability to magnify images,  but while in the first version, the photos immediately lose their quality, on the website of the second group of photos, visitors seem to use a real magnifying glass. And that’s definitely a big plus,  especially when it comes to something detailed, like jewelry.

In the first group of photos we find that  there is no retouching.  Dusts and hairs are noticed sticking to the soft part of the box. Let’s also pay attention to the model’s hand, which has taken an unaesthetic position, has  noticeable flaws and is not framed correctly.  While in the second group of photos, the background is completely clear. The ring stands out and attracts attention.

Do you notice how the mannequin’s hand stands gently and what does the perspective matter? That’s why  we shouldn’t neglect the opportunity to choose  an expert instead of taking pictures of the products ourselves. Especially if we are just starting an online business or want to establish our brand. In such cases, we will need convincing,  inspiring photography for e-commerce.

The message of the images

Studies show that in order to make purchasing decisions,  modern consumers rely primarily on product images.  Therefore, the precisely captured product, the right atmosphere, the well-told story, convey an unmistakable message to consumers.

For example, we will use a photo of  Bentley  – an elegant, classic brand that is present with specific product images. There is no way  images of such a product can be presented playfully.

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: apetogentleman.com

On the other hand, the classic minivan of  Volkswagen,  popular as a “travel van”, “adventure van”, requires a broken atmosphere, demonstrating idyllic romance and a sense of freedom.

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

Product photography experts know how to  convey a specific message through their images.  They know how to tell a beautiful, consistent story and are able to highlight strong details in a special way.

Image dynamics

Speaking of building brand trust, product photography services also allow you to create some specific features on the website that impress viewers and increase customer confidence. These are  interactive images.

Research shows that  image manipulation,  for example by rotating or scaling, improves customers’ understanding and opinion of the product.

With a feature such as 360-degree photography that compiles a set of professional photos in seamless rotation,  buyers can rotate and zoom in on high-resolution products  to see every detail. This level of interaction increases customer engagement and visual information, which has a positive effect on  the intention to purchase.

But are you ready to take interactive photos of products at home? Of course, it is not impossible, but the conditions and equipment available  a professional photography studio may be the right solution.

Professional product photography saves you time and money

Certainly, hiring a professional to capture the products for your website or e-shop can save you time, a lot of effort and  allow you to use your resources more efficiently.  Usually the process of working in a photo studio is based on precision, speed and quality.

The professional studio deals with all the individual stages  – stage planning, styling, selection of appropriate props. Photographers have contacts and know models. They can choose  the most suitable for the specific product.  They skillfully combine branding in product photography. They use quality lighting.

Perform expert editing  Carry out quality control, post-production and installation, which takes a lot of time and requires knowledge. In addition, if you decide to do all this yourself, instead of trusting an expert, there is no guarantee that you will  get the desired quality.

And poor DIY images can take you to the bottom, especially when you’re struggling with competition.

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: ginobsessions.com

Why can't we shoot products at home?

Photo: Angus McDonald

If you want  the highest quality images  and enough to fill each product category on your website, you will hardly be able to shoot each product yourself.

The professional photo studio can also help you with  a set of photos intended for advertising  and for creating an effective profile on social networks. To be profitable online, before you start shooting products at home,  first consider all the possibilities . Do not ignore the obstacles you may encounter.

If you decide to  hire a professional photographer , take a look at his portfolio and the list of clients he has worked with. Make sure his work matches the style of your brand, matches your vision and  discuss the whole project in advance.