What is lifestyle product photography?
Какво представлява лайфстайл продуктовата фотография?

Products in themselves are not just products. They are actually part of the life of the ideal customer. Potential buyers expect to understand how a particular product fits into their daily lives.

They need to see the product in action. Get an idea of ​​how their lives will be easier, better or more fun if they own it.

This is the meaning of lifestyle product photography – to show consumers how a product would fit into their lives and how to improve it.

As the growth of online consumption increases, so does the need of producers and traders for product staff. However, in order to be attractive and stand out, images on a white background and frames from different angles are not enough. On the Internet, people can be convinced with a clear enough visual context.

Product images demonstrating a way of life are part of the whole marketing concept of a given brand and are especially relevant for start-up promotional campaigns, seasonal events for sales, as well as mandatory for presentation on social networks.

How can we present the products in their “natural environment”?

Knowledge of the product is a key moment for the realization of lifestyle product images. It is important to know how it will be used, what audience it is aimed at, what its specific purpose is.

Only in this way will we be able to create an attractive photo showing the product in the context of human life. Such an image would literally transform the object into an experience.

The meaning of lifestyle product photography lies in telling a story. The more interesting and captivating it is, the more successful the end result would be.

Therefore, as a first step, it is good to consider ideas about how and in what situations the product will be used. Then it will be easier for you to determine the potential concepts, the right place, the style, the necessary props and everything that would complement the main character.

Let’s say you want to buy a snowboard. There will definitely be specific features with which you can take into account the needs and make the choice of the most suitable snowboard for you. You will be interested in length, type, shape, details, colors and so on.

Let’s move on to the other side now. Imagine that you are a manufacturer or trader of snowboards. How will you use product photography to your advantage to present to the customer all those features that will convince him to choose his ideal snowboard?

Of course, lifestyle product images will be most appropriate. You will shoot the snowboard in action, including human presence.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: hecomfymuff.com

The stage will be outside, somewhere in the mountains, with a lot of snow. You will use zoom to show your potential customer what the snowboard looks like. For example, to a person who wears it.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: friendwitha.com

You can add to the main theme shots with the necessary equipment and accessories to the snowboard, varieties, colors, as each image is good to demonstrate real moment and to convey to the user a specific idea and feeling. In order to get the perfect lifestyle product frame it is very important to be able to achieve a balance between the attractiveness of the product and the expectations of the buyer.

And while we’re still far from winter and winter sports, we want to show you how Nivea introduced one of its latest products using lifestyle product photography.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: Nivea

“For fans of walks on cold days and for all lovers of winter sports, we have created a sunscreen for face NIVEA SUN Alpin SPF50.”

Let’s look at the frame and ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What is the application of the product?
  • Where will it be used?
  • Who is it for?
  • What are its advantages?
  • How would the consumer feel if he owned it?

And finally, do you find all the answers in this Nivea lifestyle? Of course, the question is rhetorical.

What are the important aspects of successful lifestyle product photography?


If you can choose the perfect style for presenting your product, this is certainly a guarantee of visual perfection.

You will need to combine the product with the setting, surfaces, accessories, details, composition, etc., all of which must be focused on a common constant – the attractive story that you are prepared to tell.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: John Hartley

Here is a shot that presents us with a seemingly simple blender in action. Many things are said in this image and no detail is insignificant. The blender is in the kitchen (the most suitable setting for a blender), combined with jars of lemonade, glasses, etc.

The whole atmosphere clearly hints at a feeling of pleasant time spent with friends, for a holiday. We almost anticipate the aroma of the lemonade that de facto comes from blender. At the same time, we discover the functionality of the blender. The background adheres to neutral colors, while the color of the lemonade instantly attracts attention.

Product shots presented by people have always been one of the most convincing approaches in lifestyle photography. Usually they can acquaint the potential client with the idea of ​​a specific way of life or aesthetics. They are also used in the concepts of brand promotion.

Visit the site or Instagram profile of L’Oréal, for example. You will find plenty of shots of products and famous, well-known faces.The message is strong, and the call is clear “Take it and you’ll look like that – just like a star”.

What is lifestyle product photography?

·         Light

If you have chosen to shoot outdoors, consider which light qualities in the environment will highlight your product and at what time of day it will be used to present the maximum real setting.

Keep in mind that natural light is best for creating lifestyle product shots.

·         Camera settings

In product photography we most often notice shots in which the background is defocused to focus attention on the main product and its details. When it comes to lifestyle product photography, however, you have to see everything.

Therefore, you can set the aperture speed in the range between f / 5.6 or f / 7.1. Keep the ISO as low as possible to avoid graininess in your images. Regarding shutter speed, it is most important to consider the aperture and ISO, so setting a lower speed would be appropriate.

·         Editing

When editing lifestyle product images, in addition to basic settings such as exposure, colors, shadows, sharpness, it is important to emphasize more professional processing, which includes the use of gradients, transforming and other filters, which will give a more real feeling, erase all unwanted tones, contrasts and flaws and will enhance the radiance of your frame.

Lifestyle product photography definitely complements the individuality of the brands and is a particularly important part of the visual identity of the brand. Why? Because it is through lifestyle product images that potential customers can feel the connection between the product and their needs, discover the value of this product and imagine the lifestyle they could have if they owned it. .

Here’s how Pickett London combines in two frames three items (umbrella, gloves, travel leather bag) with which the user can associate himself, connect a specific situation and in general direct his attention to the brand .

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: Pickett London

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: Pickett London

Gucci is a world-famous, luxury brand that is considered to be the best-selling Italian brand in the world. With its Spring Summer 2020 advertising campaign for the Orgasmique collection, the creative team provokes attention to the brand , including in the concept of lifestyle product images, both people and horses. Some of the scenes have been described by critics as paradoxical.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Photo: Gucci

And yet, albeit eccentric, Gucci’s lifestyle product shots reinforce the brand’s image and challenge people to peek.