Product photos on mobile phones
Продуктови снимки на мобилни телефони

Product photos on mobile phones


Our technological world is constantly expanding, expanding and advancing.

Mobile technologies are already part of popular culture and have penetrated deep into our daily lives. They have a huge impact not only in the personal aspect, but also in the public space, as a tool of organization and work.

Some of the new technologies are innovative, beautifully designed smartphones, which have become a necessity today. Gone are the days when phones were used primarily for communication.

Now, mobile devices allow people to multitask or do many tasks at once, through applications. For example, to bank, to shop, to connect with society, to listen to music, to interact face to face with relatives and to keep up with everything that is most popular and happening in the world. Of course, the importance of mobile phones has a huge impact on manufacturers as well, increasing competition.

In the market for mobile devices we find a wide range of phones, whose prices range from very cheap to thousands of levs. The available options give consumers a choice, and it is the choice that stimulates manufacturers to provide increasingly attractive models and extras.

To present its new models,like any other business, that of mobile devices invests in high quality product images and creates dizzying campaigns to attract consumers. A recent example of this is the announcement by HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, that it is the official partner for the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die. In the film, Agent Nomi uses the range of features of the new portfolio of Nokia phones.

Product photos on mobile phones

In short, the manufacturer relies on brand identification and new models with a famous character and plot.

Smartphones are often a way of self-expression, following a brand and style, something that connects the individual with a particular social group. And since the variations are varied, if we have to take product photos of mobile phones, at first it is good to distinguish, for what user audience they are intended. This will definitely help us build the right concept and choose the right elements needed for our scene.

To present mobile phones, many retailers prepare reviews, which include product photos of the presentation models. Through them, they visualize the devices and highlight their characteristics. For every retailer, the maxim applies that the more picturesque a presentation is made, the better the sales would be. Therefore, to add direct value to the product, you need creative images and attention to detail.

What is important to know about creating product photos on mobile phones?

Mobile phones can be defined as a type of product. What do we mean? If we have to compare the smartphone with another product, such as a watch, at first glance we will notice that apart from the shape of the phone, we do not have many shooting options with which to move and diversify the image with the device.

To make a smartphone attractive we need more product photos.

What to emphasize?

  • Vision
  • Form
  • Weight
  • Parameters
  • Accessories

Here is a specific example of a review from To sell more, they need a good performance in which to emphasize all the features. And that will surely gain them followers and trust from consumers.

First step are several images of the overall vision, which demonstrate what the device looks like front and back.

Scale with a frame of the phone in hand and actually realize product photography in context. It is important for the consumer to get an idea of what the product actually looks like.

With a few detailed images, they emphasize specific characteristics, such as thickness, front, rear camera. They know that the potential buyer is interested in these details and they are important to him.

With a few close-up shots the photographer manages to convey specific information and at the same time satisfies the consumer’s demand Something that would encourage the customer to make a purchase.

In order to satisfy the user and to stimulate his attitudes, the photographer must also show him what accessories the mobile phone includes.

Presentation methods usually follow general trends, but you can always add some of your creativity and uniqueness when building a composition.

Composition is important because it strongly influences how viewers engage with images.

When you look at your photo, you have to answer whether the topic will be clear to the user? Is there anything in the picture that can distract him? Are all the elements arranged in an attractive way?

In the last few years social networks have adapted to e-commerce and imposed their own rules for product photography. As we have all noticed, styles such as flatlay, etc. are widely used. flat frames.


For online entrepreneurs who want to convey a simple message and present products in the most effective way possible, this is the perfect tool for visual creativity.

Product photos on mobile phones

Of course, you can always rely on geometric design when arranging your frame.

Product photos on mobile phones

Group product shots  are essential for brands, in terms of combination with more items. The photos can show varieties, colors, sets, as well as other mobile devices that the customer would be interested in.

Product photos on mobile phones


Colors! Photography loves colors. If you want your product photos on mobile phones to stand out, follow the idea of ​​backgrounds in bright, saturated tones that will attract attention.

Product photos on mobile phones


Particularly relevant accent this year are monochrome backgrounds, where at the first visual contact, the main product captivates the viewer. This is achieved when all additional components in the frame are selected in the same color as the background.

Colored, textured backgrounds are applicable when shooting product shots for advertising, advertising campaigns, catalog, where the first impression is significant.

Product photos on mobile phones

Photo: Jacek Kołodziejski

Product photos on mobile phones

Photo: Jacek Kołodziejski

In advertising product photography, professionals rely on creative teams, including mannequins, stylists, designers. They use attractive backgrounds, not forgetting to capture mobile phones in a real environment. They insert colors that are associated with the brand, model or have something to do with the current season. Link their ideas to an upcoming event or marketing campaign.

It looks like a new iPhone or Apple product is being released every month. And while in online stores and websites we find clean shots on a white background, many suppliers and retailers rely on the rapid launch of the product and therefore act creatively, creating product shots to cast the model.

 Accuracy in reflecting the details and benefits of a phone are key.

Product photos on mobile phones

In addition to popular product photo reviews, videos are also increasingly in demand by consumers. People are constantly interested. They also read in blogs. They want photos that engage them because the photos can talk.

Product photos on mobile phones


When taking product photos on mobile phones, one of the challenges we may face is glare and reflections from shiny surfaces. The use of a reflector and diffuser is mandatory. This helps to avoid spectacular accents and harsh shadows, which would either obscure or degrade the physical characteristics of our subject. Light control should be a priority.

Studio lights are useful for creating images with even and balanced lighting. Studio lights help illuminate an object from more than one corner.

Product photos on mobile phones

What enhances the functionality and appearance of smartphones are the accessories. Most of the accessories are universal and fit all smartphones, but there are also those designed specifically for specific models.

Whether today’s consumer will choos gadgets for sports, for listening to music, for shooting, for extra power (portable battery) or it will be a protector and a case, the fact is that the manufacturers of this type of products also have an urgent need for product images. .

The world of mobile technology is dynamic Instead of using conventional ideas, consider creative ones that motivate you to create a visual description that meets the expectations of potential users.