Trends in Product Photography in 2020
продуктовата фотография

The motto of every business, every brand, every merchant operating in the electronic space is “One”. The search for something new and avant-garde to distinguish it from the crowd has always been leading and will remain so.


To notice and remember the images that will present the products next year, even more bold creativity and knowledge of trends in design, fashion, materials, colors, styles, technique, technology, etc. are required. And in order to be successful, every product photographer will need a fresh, new perspective that inevitably brings him to the question…


What will be popular in product photography in 2020?


In short, the following main topics stand out:

* Bright colors, asymmetry, surrealistic product pictures

* Mirrorless cameras, advanced telephony cameras, even more megapixels

* 3D and large-scale deployment of CGI  (Computer Generated Imagery) technology in addition to product photography in studios.


The world is dynamic and everything around is moving fast. If we are to succeed, we need to understand the trends and adapt to them.


What will 2020 look like?


Maxim Rudarski, a leading user interface designer at the software company Smartym Pro, believes that dark mode will become “ubiquitous” in 2020, especially in the design of e-commerce websites and the application interface for such.


Jimmy Duvall, Chief Product Officer at Big Commerce“I think one of the big trends in e-commerce is honestly simplification.”


The layout of the sites will be much cleaner and with more white space, which will make the products stand out. The shared opinions very accurately guide us that product photography will need to take into account the visual changes that will be experienced by most sites and platforms.


Color is a vital part of photography


Pantone’s Saffron 14-1064 is one of the most paired colors for the spring 2020 season. It should come as no surprise that this color and its nuances will predominate in many product images. It fits well in one of the major new trends, namely bright, saturated, attention-grabbing colors.

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What better way to start the new decade with the optimism and energetic warmth that radiates yellow? Yellow will surely place emphasis wherever it appears, whether as a primary color or as a background.


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Studies show that yellow is associated with warmth, cheerfulness, mental activity, brings a touch of joy, optimism, cheerfulness Encourages communication, strengthens vision, builds confidence and stimulates the nervous system. Therefore, it is predicted that bright yellow will be present. designing logos and designs while building brand identity for many companies in different industries.


Interior designers rely on light and airy spaces with warm notes of decoration. Professionals in the field say that purple, gray and green will prevail in catalog titles.

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The design industry will pay special attention to creamy vanilla, light lemon yellow, soft champagne. They are convinced that in 2020 vanilla may be anything but boring.


Special attention is also paid to nature. Everything about it is already in vogue. Therefore, backgrounds inspired by nature, plant fibers and natural materials will be among the hottest trends.

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Materials and textures with global and urban influences will be another focus. But the most popular are contrasting tones in combination with geometric designs. Vivid colors will draw our attention to many future images.

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Surrealistic product photos break aesthetics and fantasy. This tendency comes in conjunction with bright colors and seems to awaken children’s imagination.

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If you are a marketer and want to make your products more desirable for customers, increase your sales, then in 2020 it will be smart to include professional photos with 3D effects of your products.


CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and 3D visualization are practically indispensable in modern communication between the user and the product. The use of CGI has already been established in various industries, such as mechanical engineering and consumer goods.

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Managers recognize the benefits of virtual 3D visualization for their products in sectors such as furniture and apparel manufacturing. 3D product visualizations captivate with perfect light presentation through high level of detail and convincing nature. Illustrate complex technical features and functionalities.


Combining CGI image and photography enables photorealistic 3D experiences that encourage consumer decision-making.

360-degree product photography remains in place in 2020. Through it, you allow your customers to feel as though they are looking from multiple angles and experience a unique, real-world feel for the product.

What will be popular as styles on social networks? What will we need to do to keep up with the trends in 2020 that social networks are setting?


As recent studies indicate, social media is now a major source of information and news. Visual content is increasing and is becoming more widely known to users due to mobile access.


Therefore, if we want to attract visitors to become followers and followers into customers, we need to be aware of aesthetic trends and have specific plans, especially if we are just creating an account. The main focus is on the presence of brand colors, focusing on product images. This is especially popular for getting attention on Instagram Stories.


Engage users with videos to showcase brand, products, and content. According to a survey, 1 in 3 social media users watch or interact with branded videos. Videos are becoming more important than ever. They are often more engaging than still images.


It’s worth mentioning that there are some benefits to product photography in video recording. One of them is that thirty or sixty frames to choose from may be provided every second of the video, depending on your shooting settings. In other words, we can still download still images from the videos and still be of high enough quality.


The lack of gravity in product frames also remains relevant, one of the trends for next year. This shooting approach creates a sense of dynamism in the frame. These are unique, creative images that usually amaze users.

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Due to the increasing consumption of phones, the tendency and orientation of images is apparently taking shape. Increasingly, product photographers will have to conform and shape their scenes and subject positions vertically. Of course, this is a little more complicated when we use DSLRs and SLRs, but by no means impossible.

Almost everything that people look at today is formatted vertically.


More than half of the online traffic is from mobile users and the likelihood of content being viewed by phone is very high. This trend will definitely continue to increase.


The photographic industry is advancing in the pace of technological development. We now have increasing resolutions and better sensors. According to information from manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon, the trend for 2020 is even more progress in full-frame and mirrorless cameras.


Without paying attention to the manufacturer for next year, we can point out that in the field of product photography there remains the attraction and increased interest in mirrorless cameras due to their compactness and high quality that they can achieve.


From Canon, we expect a 32.5MP EOS M6 Mark II, and Canon EOS-1D X Mark III DSLRs. Nikon shares that a Nikon Z3 or Z30, a small DX camera, will appear in 2020 no electronic viewfinder, fixed LCD screen, one microSD card slot and 24MP or 26MP sensor. This edition will compete with other input cameras such as the Fujifilm X-A5 and the Panasonic Lumix GX80. The company may make a development announcement for the Pro Nikon Z9 in the summer. Sony has already announced its 61MP Sony A7R IV, but it looks like Nikon is preparing its own 61MP model – the Nikon Z8.

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Mobile cameras are also gaining speed. This does not mean that DSLRs are irrelevant. They still play a huge role in capturing the perfect frame that cannot be repeated on a cell phone. But we can also see the progress in quality, product footage made with high-end phones. Why are they preferred? Because they are compact and can be anywhere with us. We have the potential to take photos and videos that are particularly popular on social networks.

Take for example the advancement of the iPhone 11, which has many new features for photographers, including an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera, without additional mounting. In addition, the telephoto camera includes night mode and has the same video quality and benefits as the wide camera. Apple has no doubt changed the game by introducing the first triple-camera mobile phone system.

Whether we’re shooting products with a phone or a camera, one of the trends for 2020 is that consumers will want to see things in the natural environment. Therefore, let the frames you offer look natural, and the object in them is filled with content and meaning.

With digital globalization, global trends are not overcoming Bulgaria. The sectors that would undergo major development in 2020, namely health, healthy products, healthy lifestyles, will be relevant. More often, brands and businesses will rely on natural products in cosmetics, supplements, and food. E-commerce will also include small businesses with handmade products and those with natural materials and composition. The sectors that remain are relevant – clothing and clothing, footwear, sports goods, lifestyle, technology and technology. The general tendency is for the frames to follow bright colors, imperfect textures, elegant shapes, nature.


Are you ready for the new trends?