The most expensive equipment for product photography
Най-скъпото оборудване за продуктова фотография

Everyone  engaged in photography,  whether professional or amateur, wants to have  better photographic equipment.  That is why he often peeks into the sector of manufacturers, designed for the most expensive photographic equipment, and follows with interest every new trend.

Today, we plan to immerse ourselves in luxury and see what it looks like in the  field of photographic equipment . Let’s start with cameras.

Many photographers say they have  started their work with more ordinary cameras . Over time, they manage to weed out the advantages and disadvantages of many of the technical characteristics and discover the essential features with which  they can improve the final result many times over.

Naturally, this  forces them to look for something better,  and manufacturers in turn adapt to the needs by offering new models that are more and more  technically and technologically advanced.

Of course, for  everyone the criteria are different . Some seek prestige in the name of the brand. For others, the technical parameters are important, not so much the construction. While others take into account all the characteristics of the pile, which certainly increases the price.

One of the cameras with phenomenal quality of work, not accidentally paired with the most expensive is  HASSELBLAD H6D-400C MS.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

It has an enviable resolution of  400MP,  which is in the charts of the highest in  2020.  H6D-400c MS combines up to six exposures in one ultra-giant image with dimensions  23,200 x 17,400 pixels.  In addition to the amazing details. , Multi-Shot also offers the most accurate colors. This perfection sells for a spectacular $ 48,000.

You must be wondering, who uses such a camera? “In product photography, it’s all about quality,” says Austrian product photographer  Günther Egger.  “All my inspiration comes from quality and detail. In order not to take your eyes off the product, you have to show it very real and strong. “

He says that in his work over time he has  used different brands of cameras  and has faced many problems in terms of color gamut and resolution, until he decided to trust  the Swedish company Hasselblad.

Every three years  the photographer updates to the latest camera model . According to him, the Hasselblad H6D-400c MS not only  captures ultra-high quality , but provides the most accurate color images among mid-range cameras, with true RGB color data, which it needs during its work, shooting high-end cars , luxury cosmetics or lavish jewelry.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Günther Egger – CAMERA: HASSELBLAD H6D-400C MS / SPEED: 1/60 SEC Aperture: F / 16

Product photography requires shooting a lot of detail and a higher number of megapixels is always preferable. Each option with a resolution between  40MP to 100MP  and up fits perfectly within the quality framework for  large product projects.

The truth is that  each additional pixel  helps to form a defined style that makes the work stronger and stands out more.

The mid-format  Fujifilm GFX 100, with its 102  megapixel sensor, is in competition ranging from $ 40 to $ 50,000 , while it itself is priced at $ 10,000,  with an additional  OLED  included. electronic viewfinder. We also find it on the Bulgarian market, with a price of about  BGN 20,500.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

One of the main advantages of this  mirror camera  is the compact body, which according to many reviews is ideal for both lifestyle product shots and studio photography of products.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

The addition of phase recognition of the  sensor for faster focus  and image stabilization in the body is considered a strong progress, while based on experiments, the disadvantage is that  prolonged manual use is tiring.  But everyone agrees on the image quality of this camera.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Malcolm Dare Photography

One of the runners-up in our ranking for the most expensive equipment for product photography is  Sony A7R IV,  with a price around  BGN 8,000

The most expensive equipment for product photography

We include it as  a representative of full-frame mirrorless professional cameras,  because  61MP  is the highest resolution for a full-frame camera to date.

The most expensive equipment for product photography –  Sony A7R IV  / Sony FE 135mm f / 1.8 GM lens

It is true that it stands out among its rivals with  50MP  from the middle class, but from the technical characteristics we understand that this increase is distributed both in width and height of the image, which  is actually comparable to the images achieved by Nikon. Z 7  / mirrorless full frame with  45.7MP,  worth about  BGN 4,800

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Many professionals with many years of experience in  product photography  are fans of the Canon 5D Mark series. You can buy the current model  Canon EOS 5D Mark IV  at  price BGN 5,600,  with which to ensure maximum image quality and high performance.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

In combination  30.4MP  full format  CMOS sensor and The DIGIC 6 +  processor delivers significantly detailed images with less noise and significant color accuracy. In addition, the camera operates in the range of  ISO 100-32000,  which can be expanded to an impressive  ISO 50-102400  for a sharp, low-noise image in a variety of conditions.

The most expensive equipment for product photography – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV / Canon EF 100mm f / 2.8L Macro IS USM / 100.0mm / /F2.8/ 1 / 125s / ISO 160

After all, in product photography, in addition to the larger number of megapixels, the first and most important condition for  quality image  is its sharpness and detail. This, of course, concerns  choosing the right lens.

To get the most out of an expensive camera, the professional photographer is aware that he  will  need a more expensive lens to complement it.

Is this the case with the new  Nikon NIKKOR Z 58mm f / 0.95 S Noct,  however?  It is designed specifically for the  Z series  mirrorless cameras. We find expert opinions that say that this new lens would  satisfy the interests of collectors  rather than facilitate or develop real projects.

There is no doubt that it is faster than ever, with  advanced optical design and a delightfully bright maximum aperture – f / 0.95.  Provides exceptional control over the depth of field to isolate an object and create a dramatic effect. Very  effective in low light.

The two anti-reflective coatings  ARNEO  and nanocrystal prevent phantoms and glare. But this is a lens that weighs  2 kg . It does not have autofocus. Available on the Bulgarian market with a price  of BGN 17,000

For some experts, the bokeh obtained with  NIKKOR Z 58mm f / 0.95 S Noct  is exquisite, while others describe it as rough, comparing it not for fun with the size of a full  moon.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Nikon photo

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Nikon photo

Canon EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L II USM  is part of the equipment of many commercial product photographers. It is known as one of the sharpest in its class. It is designed for  full-frame DSLR cameras from Canon EF , but is standardized for use with  APS-C models,  where it provides an equivalent focal length range.

The fixed aperture makes the lens  extremely functional in low light conditions  and gives optimal control over the depth of field. The lack of stabilization is defined as a disadvantage. The current price on the Bulgarian market for this worthy treasure is  about BGN 3,500

The most expensive equipment for product photography

The evolution in technology does not pass without mirrorless improvements –  Canon RF 24-70mm f / 2.8L IS USM,  developed for cameras with a full-format sensor from the Canon EOS R series, capturing with impressive sharpness and invisible details. Today it is offered at a value of nearly  BGN 5,000

The most expensive equipment for product photography

The most expensive equipment for product photography / f / 2.8 / ISO 1600 / speed 1/40

Our list of the most expensive product photography equipment continues with  Pentax HD FA 645 MACRO f / 2.8 90mm ED AW SR , which definitely heats up the situation with its hot four-digit value  of BGN 8,200.

For it, however, the user receives:

  • wide maximum aperture
  • image stabilization system (which further helps sharp images without blur)

The FA 645 90 mm lens is  designed to reveal details at the macro level,  with a maximum magnification of  0.5X . When shot up close, its floating mechanism effectively compensates for the curvature of the field to  provide sharp, well-defined images.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Yes, its price is definitely shocking. Still, the final amount for it abroad varies, so if you can afford it,  it won’t disappoint you with its performance . As a disadvantage, in addition to the high price, experts point out the slow autofocus and the limited increase to  1: 2.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

Credit Chakrit Chanpen Aperture: f / 11 ISO: 100 Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec

Another mandatory part of  the equipment of every product photographer is the tripod. High-end tripods  have many advantages. For example, they allow some additional accessories to be attached and provide a wide range of working heights. But it all comes at a price.

Manfrotto 055 Magnesium Fiber  three-section tripod complete with  MH055M8-Q5 photo-  quick release film head is of exceptional quality and functionality. Suitable for  videography and professional photography.  The tripod is made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy castings, making it lightweight, ergonomic, high quality and performance levels.

The most expensive equipment for product photography

In  Photo  mode, the  MH055M8-Q5  head offers free movement in all directions, just like a typical spherical head. Equipped with  liquid cartridges and adjustable counterweight control , the tripod head provides precise, smooth and controlled movement. It is ideal for  DSLR cameras.  The price of the kit is currently around  1,000 USD. dollars.

We add  Peak Design Travel Tripod (Carbon Fiber)  for two reasons. Firstly, this is a tripod with excellent characteristics and secondly, it is suitable for any photographer who needs to shoot outdoors and be mobile. The tripod is light, easily portable, with an innovative design. Optimized for  DSLR with telephoto lens.

Five-section with adjustable height from  from 14 to 152.4 cm . In some of the reviews, we find that it is defined as not high enough and quite expensive. In our country the set is offered at a price of  about BGN 1,200

The most expensive equipment for product photography

The lighting, which is actually an  important prerequisite for perfect product shots , includes an impressive number of elements. We came across interviews where the big names in photography share about their favorite strobes, modifiers and more.

We are not surprised to find  lighting kits  worth thousands of levs. Here, for example, is one of the luxury brands in the industry and its monoblock  Profoto 901142 Pro Daylight 800 AIR Basic KIT,  with which you can add quality light, but it will cost you  over BGN 11,000

The most expensive equipment for product photography

You will also need:

  • light stands
  • wireless remote control
  • softboxes and many others

Despite the high prices,  expensive photographic equipment  has its place in this business segment. Analyzes of global market share report that revenues from the photographic industry are expected to reach  149.98 billion dollars by 2026