Продуктова фотография за онлайн магазин

If you have decided to actively participate in e-commerce, you need to know the real value of a photo. A picture may be your chance. But this picture should be amazing. With the increasing popularity of particular sites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on, e-commerce is becoming the leading trend in sales. Ecommerce can not be implemented with the product photography. High quality images of the products are the foundation without which the sites and e-shops would not be able to trade online. Users rely on images. They are the decisive factor in making amore bg btnmore en btn

In the conditions of dynamic penetration of digitalization and new technologies, in our everyday life, the future of society and business is changing, moving to a virtual level.  On the one hand, this imposes the need of a quick and adequate reorientation of trade to the online space, where a large number of consumers are already positioned. On the other hand, the pace of development of the e-commerce, virtual services and digital marketing leads to an inevitable transformation of the standard approaches used in advertisement so far. According to a study published in Facebook in February 2019, 83% of the Instagram users say that themore bg btnmore en btn

Каква техника се използва за продуктова фотография

If you are a creative person, an entrepreneur who develops an e-commerce site, a blogger, or you have a profile in Etsy, and you are going to actively present your brand in social media, or you are full with ideas and you want to diversify your activity, then it is time to dive into an exciting and beneficial adventure called product photography. Mastering product photography requires desire, equipment, some talent and a few tricks. List of the most important points: Use of a suitable camera and lens Approach to the choice of light Correct settings of the aperture, shutter speed, light-sensitivity (ISO) and white balancemore bg btnmore en btn

Как се изпълнява, реализира продуктова фотография ?

With the development of digital technologies and the popularity of social networks, many of us explore and buy from the Internet. An essential prerequisite for today’s digital marketing, online commerce and advertisement solutions is to base their success on product photography. Product photography involves mainly photographing objects. The images are adapted upon the creation of product websites, online stores, they are used by bloggers, advertising agencies and, of course in social media. They are also used for advertisement in an offline format – for the creation of brochures, catalogues, menu, billboards, and so on. Product photography uses some distinctive techniques and inventive approaches to demonstratemore bg btnmore en btn

Видове продуктова фотография

„„Today, when I look at more successful brands, the first thing that comes to my mind is the clear identity – basically, they all tell a story. So it is crucial to find the right visual narrative, because we no longer just buy products, we are looking for connections““ Patrick Laroque http://www.laroquephoto.com   Photography is part of every creative strategy of business, brands and companies trading with products. If before, they all relied on images mainly for offline advertisement – catalogues, brochures, magazines, billboards, the photography today is literally everywhere. To realize and effectively present their products, many companies invest a lot of resources andmore bg btnmore en btn