How much does product photography cost?

product photography


What do you want your business to look like online?

Everyone would like the success of  their brand, products and image to be successful. Statistics show that more than 50% of online users think that photo material is much more revealing than textual information. In other words, customers make a direct link between the quality of the product images and the quality of the products themselves.


Therefore, if you want to sell through the various e-commerce channels or increase your sales , you should always work with professionally captured, high quality images of your products. This adds credibility to your brand and builds trust among your potential customers.

How much will it cost you?

Product photography takes time, and as it is known „Time is money”.

Of course, like all other  genres of photography, the cost of shooting products varies.


Most photographic portfolios do not include a price list for services, as there are many variables that must be considered and taken into consideration before an offer is made. These include, for example,  your location, the size and scope of the business, your specific requirements as well as the skill of the photographer involved, the amount of work involved, the associated costs.


Let’s comment on a case where a car or a luxury item should be shot. The cost of the service will be many times higher than for a snapshot of an object that can be shot very quickly, with table lighting. Here is another example. Pricing for  boutique shooting  for a small shop will be priced differently from the amount you would pay for location-specific photos, with specific space, models and equipment hired for that purpose.

One thing is for sure – your business, your products and how they are presented reflect how much product photography will cost.

How are product capture services charged? There are three types of product photography service providers.

Professional product photography studios

They usually have the right equipment, equipment and capacity to handle more custom products. They specialize in capturing ecommerce products and can offer you a wide range of effective presentation opportunities.

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More modern ones can provide clients with access to software to monitor project development and real-time image quality review.

product photography


Freelance freelance photographers

One of the best options for a  small or medium e-commerce business  might be to hire a freelance photographer to take pictures of the products. You have a great chance to come across a person with your own style and different ideas. The opposite is also possible.


Advertising agencies and design studios

There are many agencies that will not only make product images for your business, but also offer creative approaches and solutions for the complete design, construction, creation and presentation of a corporate identity. Have design, photography and fashion teams, specialized software, or have quick access to them. A unique opportunity to combine artistic direction with marketing strategy. You can expect a high standard and of course a higher price corresponding to the quality.

Regardless of which of the three options is best for you, it is important to consider your location and the studio that will handle the task. The closer you are, the the cost of transporting the products will be less.

When hiring a photographer on site, consider providing suitable studio space, lighting (after thorough consultation) and models for lifestyle product photography. This option may be cheaper for you to transport all your photographer’s equipment. Also, see if there is an opportunity to rent all of this at a bargain for you.

Always research the photographer or team you will work with. Be interested in their experience, the technique they use, and be sure to look at previous projects to see if your work and style are right for you.

If necessary, do a test before you can take a shot of your entire product range. Even if you have to pay extra, require single units of individual products, such as proof of quality and your expectations, before giving final approval to the project.

Make sure that the one you hire will help your products stand out from the competition. Ask for clear and accurate information about what you pay and what to expect.

How are product photography services charged?

It is important to understand the different ways in which studios or freelance professionals  charge for their services. Depending on the details of your project, you might prefer one method over another. It is advisable to take sufficient time and think carefully about your views and requirements for the images. So you can get a comprehensive service that in many cases comes out more advantageous than an hourly rate option for one and subsequent modifications.


Find out how and in what direction you will develop your brand. Whether you just need to shoot your products against a white background or keep up with trends and offer your users 360-degree presentations, lifestyle images, product videos, break your vision with hand models or provide the atmosphere to showcase your products in a unique way. Whether you need a product catalog, menu, photos for social networks, blogs, advertising and more.



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If you manage to analyze and synthesize all of these details, you actually have the chance to save some money when completing the overall project.

Charging can be hourly or with a fixed daily rate depending on whether the images will be static or require more specialized equipment and software. You may be offered a price for the number (minimum – maximum) of products captured and the provision of a certain maximum number of frames. Often prices are negotiated, as some products can be shot not only on a white background, but grouped together, requiring additional processing of frames with which to add effects.

We advise you to choose specific bids and to avoid hourly billing, which will make it difficult to set a cost ceiling.

What additional fees and costs do you expect for product photography projects?

Your products are unique in their own way and because of their specifics, the recording service provider may apply additional fees to the specific project. In order to properly shape your project budget, you need to consider some of the key features and requirements for products when drafting:

Weight, shape, size, size of the product.


If the products you offer are large or heavy, they will be more difficult to handle, requiring special space to house and equipment to position, lift and reposition. Larger products, need higher camera stands so they reach above it or specific platforms to fit the image frame.

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Photographer may need to change the studio settings, use different lighting or approach. It will definitely take a lot more effort, time, and therefore may require an additional fee.

Product preparation

Some products do not require complex preparation. But let’s say jewelry will be shot. Before shooting, every jewel needs a thorough cleaning – to shine. Some furniture needs to be assembled. Other appliances should be disassembled. In most cases, basic preparation is provided and included in the price, but if something more specific is required it is likely that there will be an additional charge.

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Product styling

To capture truly impressive footage, product photography can list dozens of examples of arranging a scene, selecting the right elements, backgrounds, and colors. The most common example is for frames of clothing and clothing that must be prefigured, smoothed or folded, modeled, or dressed in a live model.

** Food photos ** where products need to be fresh and mouthwatering, often require additional sprays, effects creation and fine decoration.

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Product design

 Toys, industrial products with many components  that need to be arranged or assembled in a specific way for the image take considerable time, which may not be included in the preliminary price and may result in additional cost.

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Home decor and home furnishings are the perfect example of products that require complementary kits to build a complete stage. You offer bedroom sets. Room decoration, with additional accents accompanying the main product.

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The time required for the layout will be much longer than the time taken by the recording process itself.

Lifestyle or lifestyle

Product in action. If the stage and the individual elements are not planned in detail, the possibility of the appearance of additional costs increases with each missing  element, object, background. To get the best prices on shooting your products, rely on detailed and constructive communication. Hiring a specialist photographer will require some investment, but keep in mind that this is a key element to achieving great results.