Фоторетушът при продуктовата фотография

Product retouching: Alma Negra Studio Capturing captivating product images starts with capturing the product, but for improving and emphasizing it requires further editing. The final editing technique used by photographers is called retouching. What is product photography retouching? To make the photo more natural and realistic, it is necessary to make some changes in the visual objects by manipulating the image , with which to improve product photos. These can be adjustments to the background color, product shape, size, texture, stain removal, softening or sharpening of edges, and so on. n. As part of the post-production, retouching forms those final touches, with which the productmore bg btnmore en btn

LED осветлението и продуктовата фотография

Im Zuge der interaktiven Visualisierung von Produkten wird deren realistische Darstellung besonders wichtig für die Erfahrung des Kunden und eine Art Garantie für seine Zufriedenheit. Daher sind Werbung und Produktfotografie heute eine Priorität für jedes Online-Geschäft. Produktvisualisierung ist ein vielschichtiger Prozess, bei dem Beleuchtungsentscheidungen und Feinabstimmung der dominierende Faktor sind um fesselnde Bilder zu erzielen, die das Produkt im besten Licht präsentieren. In der professionellen Produktfotografie werden üblicherweise unterschiedliche Beleuchtungsarten verwendet. Studiobeleuchtung kombiniert Blink- und Dauerlicht. Die Dauerlichtquelle ist meistens die LED-Lampe. In den letzten Jahren haben LED-Technologien einen Durchbruch erzielt und da sie das Erscheinungsbild von Dauerlicht in der Fotografie komplett verändert haben. Diemore bg btnmore en btn

Как да разпознаем добрият продуктов фотограф?

Product photography is becoming more and more important these days, because in most cases appropriate photos mean sales. Moreover, in order for customers to be satisfied, information about online products must be reliable. Visual content that meets expectations is a prerequisite for gaining trust and brand loyalty. Attractive images add individuality and value. That’s why every start-up or growing online business needs professional product photography. This is an investment with a big advantage for the overall look and image of the business, as well as a great way to stand out from the competition. Commercial photos are designed to promote products and should therefore bemore bg btnmore en btn

Финалният блясък при продуктовата фотография

Product photography is a complex process, with many stages . Careful examination of each of them – from start to finish – has a huge impact on the end result. The first phase of the creative process begins with demanding research of the product itself , in-depth knowledge of the audience and the place where the product will be presented. It goes through the idea and overall concept of building an attractive product image. The next steps continue with choosing the appropriate background and props. Product preparation. Shooting. Product image processing. And for the shots to be truly captivating, they will need a dose ofmore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография под вода

When it comes to commercial, commercial photography thinking should be strong creatively. Only then would the end result be different. To stand out from the competition professionals approach in a non-standard way and create a whole new world in their plots. Right here images of products taken underwater fit particularly well. Captured movements of water, bubbles, all complex combinations of color paints and light give life to otherwise standard and almost boring images. Underwater product photography is a separate area in advertising photography. It is interesting, challenging and time consuming, but that is why the achievements are often more than satisfactory. It is no coincidencemore bg btnmore en btn

Може ли да се използва екшън камера за продуктова фотография?

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for the most suitable camera for product photography and have to take into account many characteristics. In fact, the purpose of product photography is simple – to make those shots that will sell. But is implementation so easy? Alas, things are not so simple. When it comes to shooting products product frames designed for an online store they are most often filmed in a studio. For those in context or lifestyle who demonstrate functionality, application, and show the viewer how the product would fit into their daily lives, photographers select appropriate scenes outside as well. However, achieving dynamicmore bg btnmore en btn

Социалните мрежи и продуктовата фотография

In recent years photos have become an extremely powerful thread for communication between people around the world . As the impact of social media increased, users began to use photos more and more to share their own stories, to communicate with friends, to demonstrate lifestyle and lifestyle. And not only that. They connect through the photos to learn the latest trends, to follow celebrities, brands and to keep up with the latest . By definition social media is a quick tool to reach many people. Therefore, it is not surprising that with the growing popularity of image-based social platforms, the well-known ways of presenting productsmore bg btnmore en btn

Топ тенденции в продуктовата фотография на 2021 година

We can not ignore the fact that the global changes that have occurred as a result of Covid-19 have drastically affected the growth of e-commerce and social media, forcing companies to use new strategies for their brands so that they can adapt more quickly to new conditions and be successful. Growing globalization and ubiquitous periods of lockdown, restrictions and social distancing have changed consumer shopping habits and shifted the focus to e-commerce. Today, the ability to shop via a mobile device is a major factor in making of a purchase decision. The digital transformation of the business in turn imposed new requirements for the creationmore bg btnmore en btn

Защо не можем да снимаме продукти у дома?

It turns out that in the world of e-commerce,  quality product photography is the dominant asset  and choosing a professional product photographer over the opportunity to do everything yourself is an important point. In case you decide  to start shooting your own products,  the first thing you will encounter is investing in appropriate machinery and equipment. Suppose you  invest and provide a relatively good technique,  the probability of failing to get the images you need is quite high. This is due to the fact that not only  the availability of machinery and equipment make the photo profitable.  It takes years of practice, technical knowledge, skills tomore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктовата фотография в автомобилната индустрия

Cars today are an  important and almost indispensable part of people’s daily lives.  Only for  2020 . worldwide sold 63.8 million units. The main segments in the automotive industry include  commercial vehicles and cars.  As the niche is located in a wide range – from medium and large sedans to compact and subcompact cars. From everyday cars to  luxury cars  and those with collector’s value. As in any industry, so in the automotive industry, the end product  is intended to sell  And the easiest way for a product to reach consumers is by showing it. Whether through online or offline advertising, a company or commercialmore bg btnmore en btn