Продуктова фотография на книги

Photo: weheartit.com According to statistics provided by the NSI, the amount of readers in our country, read at least one book in the last 12 months is about 53%.  The results of the survey are from 2016.  It is almost certain that the number of books read in the last year and a half has increased,  given the restrictions, social distancing and the opportunity to spend more time at home. In this regard, many  bookstores and publishers have made online shopping campaigns  with more discounts and attractive offers. How do some of them present their readings to increase their audience? Photo: Hermes bookstore (St. Zagora)more bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография в здравната индустрия

Photo: Unsplash Today product photography is everywhere. In view of the development of technology and digitalization, it successfully fits into any business , but the business itself has an urgent need for it. What segments does the healthcare industry cover? We cannot deny that, on a global scale, the topic of human health and well-being is leading. Many of the  businesses in the healthcare industry  have been around for a long time and are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand. Medical supply companies produce and distribute a wide range of items: medical supplies surgical equipment equipment Tools and consumables for diagnostics and treatmentmore bg btnmore en btn

Аксесоари за продуктова фотография

Photo: Freepik The perfect shot! The work that every product photographer hopes to create. Of course, success is  the result of many actions , as a result of following certain rules and using the right equipment. If we look at the tool list of a  professional photographer , we can always find something new that we have not used before and that would  help us to improve and elevate our work. If you are a beginner in product photography start with the basic equipment first, carefully exploring all the possibilities according to the niche you are targeting. In addition to the most important of the mandatorymore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография на обувки

Photo: https://www.arts.ac.uk Presenting shoes in today’s digital world of shopping, mass production and ever-increasing consumer demand is a little more complicated than before.  Appropriate, well-thought-out solutions, engaging concepts and, of course, a great deal of creativity are required. When customers shop for shoes online,  all the information they need needs to be presented visually.  Therefore, publishing numerous and high-quality product photos is crucial to the success of any online business. What you need to know about product photography of shoes? The fashion industry today offers a wide variety of shoe models.  It is important for the product photographer to be flexible in his work,  to bemore bg btnmore en btn

Какво представлява продуктовата фотография на опаковки?

Photo: Nivea Today, when everything is at hand, consumers know that they can count on instant information to make a decision about their purchases. The variety of products is huge and if you want to make a particular product or brand stand out from the crowd it is important to communicate with consumers in a memorable way. Showing a clear idea of what your product can do for the customer is imperative to get their attention and their portfolio, but let’s not forget that half of the purchase process, whether online or offline, is hides in the first moment of the meeting – the pleasuremore bg btnmore en btn

Какво представлява лайфстайл продуктовата фотография?

Products in themselves are not just products. They are actually part of the life of the ideal customer. Potential buyers expect to understand how a particular product fits into their daily lives. They need to see the product in action. Get an idea of ​​how their lives will be easier, better or more fun if they own it. This is the meaning of lifestyle product photography – to show consumers how a product would fit into their lives and how to improve it. As the growth of online consumption increases, so does the need of producers and traders for product staff. However, in order tomore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография и апетитните бургери

Creative food photography and creating a truly stunning advertising image require a specific approach, a few tricks and sophisticated techniques to achieve a plausible result. But have you ever been impressed by what the pictures of the food you buy and what you actually get look like? Take appetizing burgers as an example. Billboards, menus and social media posts on McDonald’s, BurgerKing, Subway and the like are full of tempting images of burgers that can make you almost instantly look for the nearest place to get them. Most of the time, though, the look in the photos has nothing to do with the real burgermore bg btnmore en btn

Продуктова фотография на техника

Photo: https://greydstaging-tricor.de/ In recent years we have seen a rapid and ubiquitous change in the production of household appliances, tools, machinery and equipment for the home and garden. They are becoming more technological, detailed and integrated into our daily lives. This is one of those rare markets that is showing a trend towards ever-increasing growth. Of course, such a change requires a reorganization in the way of supply in the sector. In addition, there is a significant transformation in the culture of consumption – people, in turn, are becoming more inclined to buy online. According to statistics, household appliances and household appliances – air conditioners,more bg btnmore en btn

Топ примери за най-успешна продуктова фотография от историята до днес

Product photography is directly related to trade and maybe that’s why we should consider it as the art behind advertising. The main principles in product photography are to look for the most appropriate angle, to choose a meaningful concept to highlight the qualities of the product and its details, to capture the mood, emotion and most of all to convey feeling to provoke a reaction in the viewer. Often advertising photographers approach their work as artists whose main goal is to tell compelling stories, creating stylish and attractive images, using the play of light, all aspects of lighting, proper framing and those unique combinations betweenmore bg btnmore en btn

Креативността незаменим фактор на фотографа

Photo: Sam Hofman Creativity is the urge that challenges the artist to go beyond his familiar boundaries. It is through creativity that each artist in a different, individual and resourceful way distinguishes his work. In cooking every chef learns to cook according to a recipe. While a good chef carefully selects each ingredient, follows each step and ultimately achieves an excellent result, the master adds a dose of creativity. Improves the taste, improves both the dish itself and the presentation. Exactly creativity is what will make him a famous and sought-after chef. The same thing happens with photography. There are so many different points of viewmore bg btnmore en btn